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Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
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Just tried tipbitcoincash for the first time. So easy and fun. Zero fees.

Try it on Collin's Independence Day 24 hour feed.
https://cashshuffle.com/pt << Português

Hello Memos. Please thank @m4ktub2 (are you on here Claudio??) for the translation. Please share.

Hello Memos. Nice message from Vin if you have not heard it.
Bitcoin: A Sovereignty System
Early bird tickets until July 15.
Great speaker list.
Businesses can sponsor.
If you can't come but want to help, you can do digital sponsorship.
But really, you should come.
Hello Memos. CashShuffle site is now in French also. Please share.


Good to be aware of. Big governments acting badly :(
Hey Cali Memos. Y'all need to get on the shaking intensity scale ASAP. Richter is pretty useless for measuring the impact of a quake.
Hello Memos. I realized most of you probably have not seen this BCH shop before. The fabric and ink quality is amazing. Bags, clothes, accessories, pins.
8. SideShift sets the price so just send a small amount of whatever you have
9. Wait for confirmations depending on what you are sending
10. The 🌶️🌶️🌶️ flows
4. Select "From" whatever you want to trade (BCH, ETH, ...)
5. Click the "To" side and choose "Spice Token"🌶️
6. Click "From Badger Wallet" to set your receiving address for 🌶️
7. Click "Start Transaction"
2. Install badger wallet in your browser badger.bitcoin.com and do whatever setup it requests
3. Go to sideshift.ai and get a code from their telegram. Referral code might be faster? http://sideshift.ai/a/2ZvwZChtr
SideShift.ai is easy, it works and it's fun. Trade whatever for whatever.

Let's use it to get some 🌶️SPICE🌶️

1. Have something (BCH, ETH, whatever) to trade for 🌶️
@btcfork, anybody, do you know how to contact Ira Kleiman / legal representatives to make sure they have this info https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c948f7/fontgate_bitcoin_pretender_craig_wright_exposed/esvwgqf/
"Once you have stared into the abyss.... living on a fancy cloud in fantasy land is not satisfying."
@Naomi Brockwell do you have a link somewhere I can read or hear about why Bitcoin (crypto?) is important to you? I'm just assuming you have published that 1M times before.
Hello Memos. The CashShuffle site is now available in Japanese and soon other languages. https://cashshuffle.com/ja/

Bitcoin Cash is for everyone. Privacy is for everyone.
When BTCForks got suspended (temporarily?) by twitter, we can still talk here without fear of being silenced. It might be obvious to us, but great to remember and mention any time someone you know's voice is silenced.
I think we can achieve global permissionless money, but when I get tired this message from Carl Sagan always recharges me.
We humans are capable of greatness
@btcfork Suspended on twitter again? What truth were you silenced for this time?
Hello Memos. Hope you are having a good weekend. Come join Shuffle Saturday and maybe we can break yet another record. https://electroncash.org/
Prediction: nchain will legally discard (and ideologically retain) csw when the drama around him eventually comes to a head. nchain will continue the second attempted capture of Bitcoin.
Hello Memos. Anybody try to buy Liberland merits? I went on altilly a while back but they didn't have a bch pair at that time and... I don't know them anyway. I just went on liberland site and they have a direct ...
Hello Memos. Happy Pizza Day. Just had some nice pizza and drinks for BCH at the Osaka Meetup.

I thought I was special with my github dark theme.
Then @Axel Gembe showed me darkreader.org.
Thank you for the life upgrade!