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#DailyMemo - Quit SatoshiDice while you're ahead. God damn.
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Since the large block currencies like BCH currently have smaller average blocks than the small block one (BTC), their lower price demonstrates that large-block chains are worth more.
replied · 41d
This kind of core saltiness makes me confident in my BCH investment. Keep it coming! If it ever goes away I might start to worry.
replied · 41d
Unlicensed usage of the protocol is strictly prohibited. Please see your nearest Blockstream representative for more information.
replied · 41d
In my trip to Serbia/Liberland we also saw a Roger Ver investment called the Bitcoin Freedom, a boat he donated to Liberland
it starts at 25:50
replied · 41d
I've been to Serbia, great country, wonderful people, great potential
we've been to Liberland too (video is in Dutch but you'll see the beautufull nature
Interviewed a super interesting Serbian developer today. So incredible to hear how excited people from all over the world get about using Bitcoin as cash. #dailymemo
Cash shuffle? Yezzzz, cash shuffle. #dailymemo
Feature request: The ability to auto-tweet memos.
I want to use memo primarily and send those memos to twitter.
How hard would it be to make this a reality?
The fish swallows the hook because the bait seems attractive.

Altcoin exchanges and traders swallow Tether for its convenience despite it being a two-edged sword.
One edge to inflate BTC, the other to deflate alts.
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M. Lunderberg about implementing Schnorr multisig: "Without the dummy element, we would have had to make something technically more disruptive and awkward."
Exhausted. Just absolutely gassed. But love seeing the fruits of our labor. #dailymemo
replied · 43d
The Bitcoin.com team is doing epic work! You and all your coworkers should be proud of what you are building!
It's Friday,

It's 4 o'clock,





Beer o'clock !!!

Get that weekend started with 🍺, share with friends.

🍺 probably the best SLP ever made.

Limited to only 1000 tokens :-)
Just tried tipbitcoincash for the first time. So easy and fun. Zero fees.

Try it on Collin's Independence Day 24 hour feed.
2 years since BCH split from Core. Happy anniversary everyone!
replied · 49d
Happy independence day!

"High Court Judge Sir Matthew Nicklin said there was scant evidence of the alleged harm done to Wright’s reputation, saying Wright had failed to provide sufficient evidence of “the global reputation he enjoys"
replied · 51d
Just introduced a new user to Bitcoin Cash. He downloaded bitcoin.com wallet and I sent him 1€ . Then he sent me everything back and was surprised that I got 1€ back (Where are the fees?) He will use BCH at once.
· 51d
I keep seeing various people in /r/btc keep saying "Why keep posting about how Blockstream took over BTC? We get it."

Because if people stop posting it, then people forget.
replied · 53d
but i was told "bgash for all" and "democradize the monies", where's my brunch bitch?