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replied 96d
Hey Mike. You should hit me up on telegram. I want to shill you on something.
replied 97d
After you get it installed, follow the instructions to make a contract to yourself (you are donating to yourself through the contract). If you can get that working, let me know.
replied 97d
...... you are asking about mecenas. Please ignore that message : / Sorry.
replied 97d
Ah sorry. This is for mecenas. You can follow the same instructions for the first part with the escrow plugin though.
replied 97d
There should not be problems, but always try a plugin on a new wallet or one that you are not worried if it has problems.
replied 97d
ok! He has pretty good instructions here: https://licho.tech/

The installation part is not clear though. Go to Tools > Installed Plugins > Add Plugin to select the file you downloaded
replied 97d
Hope SLP Torch survives the party!

*checks Mike's vital signs* ismikekomaranskydead.com

I have the SLP Torch! Let's party!
replied 97d
If anybody wants to try it, let me know and I can help out. If you know how covenant escrows work, it is relatively intuitive. If not, it might be confusing.
101d · Read.cash
Achievement unlocked: Bitcoin Cash fixed all common third-party transaction malleation vectors https://bit.ly/2XqXrdB
replied 99d
I'd say the primary predictor of hash rate is price. Politics, marketing and other reasons can lead to divergences like that.
replied 100d
Yes, that is the most prolific example. They have also publicly stated that they big BCH supporters.
replied 100d
ViaBTC helped to launch Bitcoin Cash. The CEO (Haipo Yang) put the name of his (supposed?) daughter in the coinbase of the exodus block (478559).
replied 100d
BCH has BTC.com and BTC.top, that step in and defend at a loss when neccessary.
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When it's almost lunchtime on a Monday and you realise you not really done anything yet. So unenthusiastic this morning it's unreal !
replied 100d
What do you retards expect?

Unless the USDT/BTC scams collapse don't count on sanity when it comes to the crypto markets.
99d · Bitcoin Cash
Simple Ledger Postage Protocol: Enabling A True SLP Token Ecosystem On Bitcoin Cash

Not sure of how it works but it seems good for Bitcoin Cash.
🏁Wacky racer final🏁

Flying over the line in first and claiming the trophy is 🚁, steaming over in 2nd is 🚂 and strolling into 3rd is 🚶.

Thanks to every racer for entering, I hope you enjoyed it :-)
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Open dialogue is always superior to silent contempt.
If technical issues and controversies are not discussed in public, then the community will not be able to educate itself sufficiently, opening it up to easy division by manipulators. #dailymemo
103d · Bitcoin Cash
Wacky racer day 7,

As the racers come out of the final turn and race for the 🏁 🚁 edges Infront of 🚶, 🚂 moves up to 3rd just ahead of 🛴 and the rest of the field follow.

🏁 Tomorrow :-)
104d · Read.cash
Jonathan Silverblood: Why we should allow more than one OP_RETURN per transaction.
https ://read.cash/@JonathanSilverblood/why-we-should-allow-more-than-one-op-return-per-transaction-08b80978
Wacky racer day 6,
🚶Walks his way into first place, hovering above in 2nd is 🚁 and currently in 3rd is 🛴 just 1 point ahead of 🚂
Racers head towards the final turn tomorrow before the finishing line friday