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South Sudan Bitcoin Charity Selected by United Nations to Attend First Youth Climate Summit @sarahjoneskwqc,
@eatBCH | https://emlink.me/AH
Sure it's nice to see BCH v USD value rise but if I see just one fucking rollercoaster guy here on memo I'm going to flood your sorry ass with shit tokens.

Don't focus on USD, focus on USE ;-)
AI is going to pass us up before we know it
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Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
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No 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
Yes 2 votes · 0 satoshis
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Hello to my new Twitter follower @BitcoinCashBCH whose profile dates to April 2019, says it accepts donations but lists a Lightning tipping address tippin.me/@BitcoinCashBCH and also follow @Bitcoin.

Good camo. ;-)
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I like how the writer said, Surprisingly the fee was a mere 10.00. LMAO
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I heard a rumor it was satoshi's brother matoshi. He intends to buy a large area of mars from Elon with it and set up a dinosaur based theme park with real dinosaur's.
BTC to BCH is like cassette tape to streaming or digital download .
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People paying for increased privacy (e.g. CashShuffling) - would you consider those economic or non-economic transactions?
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ABS - Always Be Scaling
Pets are for #hodl, not eat.

For the record, I've taken no money from FVNI or Mr Allen. Nor am I "co-ordinated" by anyone. Use your free speech wisely.

"Smart cities" turned out to be about surveillance & control.

BCH cities are about financial sovereignty, trade & commerce, peace & prosperity.

#BCHcity #p2pCash
#Cash4Peace not #WarOnCash
Why do I use Bitcoin Cash? Because I enjoy it. #dailymemo
When you start out calling your token "Drop"...

... you're definitely starting in #IronMan mode.
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And credibility
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The same person who caused Bitcoin's civil war by censoring the major discussion platforms is now busy deleting Bitcoin's history too.
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I do think that he genuinely believes what he says. There might be some kind of conspiracy to slow Bitcoin development (who knows?), but I am not sure that hat-man is involved.
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I look forward to the day we get a leak and find out. I bet on him knowing roughly what's going on. He's not dumb. He just has to say dumb things as an arm of the propaganda machine.
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Don't get cut by Hanlon's razor. Blockchain and Jimmy have been very effective at stalling Bitcoin for years. Is it their intention?
"I have found that Dr. Wright intentionally submitted fraudulent documents to the Court, obstructed a judicial proceeding, and gave perjurious testimony."
- Bruce Reinhart, U.S. Magistrate Judge