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· 73 days ago
And many poor people were once rich...
The easiest way to obtain a small fortune is to start with a big fortune ;)
I don't think so - it's only at concept/idea stage afaik. But the concern trolls are very predictably using it to spread FUD
According to BSV vision all change is bad per default...
How is SV closer to hard cash? I just can't see the logic...
Those improvement on BCH does not impact the functionality of BCH as cash. Rather they improve upon the cash functionality.
The word "almost" is crucial. Both have introduced protocol changes. The chain without changes is not mined.
you make no sense
SV lost the hash war. It is SV that broke with the Nakamoto Consensus. How does BCH differ from the white paper? (Please provide specific reference)
Then you should check again. BCH is currently 28 blocks ahead and leading with 29.9% accumulated hashpower: https://cash.coin.dance/
And Satoshi used checkpoints: http://archive.is/dEZ35
Which of the SV opcodes are mentioned in the whitepaper? NONE
Seriously, there are so many things wrong in your post I don't know where to start. Bitcoin is permissionless, 2nd layer solutions don't need your permission. There's no PoS in Bitcoin
Right now, BSV scales as well as ABC, because their code is (mostly) the same. And, if you can emulate DSV with current OP codes, then Bitcoin according to CSW is illegal.
You seem religious about this version 0.1.
Do you think that Satoshi was a God or something? Why is bitcoin made as opensource if it was never meant to be optimized and improved upon?
I use BCH only
I believe it is Calvin Ayre and his backers who are losing money fighting their 'hash war' and mining an unprofitable chain :-D https://cash.coin.dance SV mining profitability < BTC
Roger Ver wants economic freedom for the world(Gives out BCH). CSW wants to sue the pants off everybody with 400 patents. Who is giving , who is taking?
Were you around for Segwit2X or when we forked from BTC? That is a lesson I learned back then. Miners are people just like any other idiot you run into online.
Lol what in the fuck happened to this community... You morons are willing to sacrifice freedom in the name of some false sense of security over the fantasy that criminals can't trade.
I promote it every day. I think "ABC has mutilated it" is empty rhetoric. What do you think about a `miner_id` soft fork? Is that ok with you? Where do you think it is going?
Using the realpolitik language that nchain already uses, this is immaterial. If it is possible, it is possible. As loudly proclaimed by nchain many times, it is already possible.
voted on poll BCH · 86 days ago
created poll · 92d
In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 59 votes · 12,352 satoshis
BSV 43 votes · 14,121 satoshis

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· 86 days ago
I kind of like this approach as a way of keeping a forum where the BCH and BSV supporters can debate on equal turf without censorship. Better than an echo-chamber.
I'm 100% BCH since August 1 2017, the day of the BCH-BTC fork. PM me on reddit if you want to hash it out more. I will keep hoping you come back to promote Bitcoin Cash.
... original protocol is not a holy gift. I am sad because I think you have been bamboozled. I want you guys back on BCH where we can build permissionless p2p cash for the world.