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https://tipbitcoin.cash launch was a huge success!

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It definitely seems that way. I look forward to a day in the future when we get to see behind the curtain of whatever campaigns have been operated against BTC in the past and BCH now.
When BTCForks got suspended (temporarily?) by twitter, we can still talk here without fear of being silenced. It might be obvious to us, but great to remember and mention any time someone you know's voice is silenced.
· 1d
THIS JUST IN: Satoshi Nakamoto doesn't understand the technology behind Bitcoin.

When is coin market cap going to change Bitcoin Cash logo to green? They had no problem changing the Litecoin logo..
If someone is not using BCH because of Roger Ver, think about how stupid that is? Roger ver does not own it, he just promotes it. Basically you are just hurting yourself. Slap yourself silly.
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This is the first time my account has been suspended. I have no idea why, Twitter said some TOS violation. I bet trolls reported the account. All posts are public, I have no idea what.
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Reactivation might still happen, but it's taking longer than I hoped :-|
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Do you know what this was?
@BitcoinCashFans: Doing my part! Also, this would indeed be a useful feature for #ShuffleSaturday.
I think we can achieve global permissionless money, but when I get tired this message from Carl Sagan always recharges me.
We humans are capable of greatness
@btcfork Suspended on twitter again? What truth were you silenced for this time?
· 2d
If you're a US citizen and defending the Trump administration, then this is your Sunday reading thread.


Did a local cash trade using https://local.bitcoin.com/r/maple and found out the buyer was just wanting quick access to low fee coin so he could buy high fee BTC coin. Ohhkay!! #bchforeveryone 🤦‍♂️ #dailymemo
Flowee released 2019.06 with many stability fixes and some new APIs. We are getting closer to our goal to move the world towards a Bitcoin Cash economy! By tom https://honest.cash/post/5146
Were doing it guys! The Bitcoin Cash Developer Fund goal has been inceased to 1600 BCH! Go donate and support the future of p2p cash! 😎👌🚀 40 days left!

· 3d
I've recently released Crescent Cash Desktop: https://crescent.cash

You can now access your BCH wallet on Windows, macOS, and Linux!
· 3d
I'm also currently working on https://tipbitcoin.cash - This website will be a BCH-only tipping service for livestreamers! It integrates with Streamlabs so donation messages will appear on screen.
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was the surprise worth the wait?
replied · 5d
Yeah. Solid surprise :D Thank you guys for continued dedication to permissionless money.
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Also there really is a difference between permissioned things that "work" but don't result in any meaningful change. Don't need to fight them, but don't need to promote them either.
Central banks: Here, use this permissioned digital fiat, turning it permissionless is on the roadmap...

Facebook: Yeah, trust them, I mean, trust us!

Great back 2 back $bch meetup w/ Adam from BRD at Grand Hyatt and Akane, organizer of Tokyo Bitcoin Cash at Two Dogs Roppongi. Every1 excited about new brand of bitcoin.com & SLP coming to more wallets 👌#dailymemo
Craziest BCH transaction you ever made ?

Yesterday I gave $5 worth to the lead singer of a band who dress as pirates and sing songs about life on the seas ! Crazy getting a 16th century pirate to download a wallet !!
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I shuffled 22 coins with bitcoin.com wallet today. 👍✌️