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replied · 18d
Hey Mike. You should hit me up on telegram. I want to shill you on something.
replied · 19d
After you get it installed, follow the instructions to make a contract to yourself (you are donating to yourself through the contract). If you can get that working, let me know.
replied · 19d
...... you are asking about mecenas. Please ignore that message : / Sorry.
replied · 19d
Ah sorry. This is for mecenas. You can follow the same instructions for the first part with the escrow plugin though.
replied · 19d
There should not be problems, but always try a plugin on a new wallet or one that you are not worried if it has problems.
replied · 19d
ok! He has pretty good instructions here: https://licho.tech/

The installation part is not clear though. Go to Tools > Installed Plugins > Add Plugin to select the file you downloaded
replied · 19d
Hope SLP Torch survives the party!

*checks Mike's vital signs* ismikekomaranskydead.com

· 19d
I have the SLP Torch! Let's party!
replied · 19d
If anybody wants to try it, let me know and I can help out. If you know how covenant escrows work, it is relatively intuitive. If not, it might be confusing.
· 19d
· 22d · Read.cash
Achievement unlocked: Bitcoin Cash fixed all common third-party transaction malleation vectors https://bit.ly/2XqXrdB
replied · 21d
I'd say the primary predictor of hash rate is price. Politics, marketing and other reasons can lead to divergences like that.
replied · 21d
Yes, that is the most prolific example. They have also publicly stated that they big BCH supporters.
replied · 21d
ViaBTC helped to launch Bitcoin Cash. The CEO (Haipo Yang) put the name of his (supposed?) daughter in the coinbase of the exodus block (478559).
replied · 22d
BCH has BTC.com and BTC.top, that step in and defend at a loss when neccessary.
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· 22d
When it's almost lunchtime on a Monday and you realise you not really done anything yet. So unenthusiastic this morning it's unreal !
replied · 21d
What do you retards expect?

Unless the USDT/BTC scams collapse don't count on sanity when it comes to the crypto markets.
· 21d · Bitcoin Cash
Simple Ledger Postage Protocol: Enabling A True SLP Token Ecosystem On Bitcoin Cash

Not sure of how it works but it seems good for Bitcoin Cash.
· 24d
🏁Wacky racer final🏁

Flying over the line in first and claiming the trophy is 🚁, steaming over in 2nd is 🚂 and strolling into 3rd is 🚶.

Thanks to every racer for entering, I hope you enjoyed it :-)
replied · 24d
Open dialogue is always superior to silent contempt.
· 24d
If technical issues and controversies are not discussed in public, then the community will not be able to educate itself sufficiently, opening it up to easy division by manipulators. #dailymemo
· 25d · Bitcoin Cash
· 25d
Wacky racer day 7,

As the racers come out of the final turn and race for the 🏁 🚁 edges Infront of 🚶, 🚂 moves up to 3rd just ahead of 🛴 and the rest of the field follow.

🏁 Tomorrow :-)
· 25d · Read.cash
Jonathan Silverblood: Why we should allow more than one OP_RETURN per transaction.
https ://read.cash/@JonathanSilverblood/why-we-should-allow-more-than-one-op-return-per-transaction-08b80978
· 26d
Wacky racer day 6,
🚶Walks his way into first place, hovering above in 2nd is 🚁 and currently in 3rd is 🛴 just 1 point ahead of 🚂
Racers head towards the final turn tomorrow before the finishing line friday