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Good morning!
The main use case of Bitcoin Cash is cash, money. This WILL be a major thing in the years to come, with war on physical cash, economic restrictions, surveillance (KYC), etc. Do not stray from this goal.
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Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
Always have to choose who to listen to. I look forward to inverted curation where we can design or delegate our filters.
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He mentionned SEO techniques to raise the visibility of his video, so we'll see.
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I'd like to see what he comes up with. However, distribution is the key problem, not lack of a video to replace it. The campaign unfortunately does not address distribution.
As speculative value of BCH:BTC starts to recover, 3% and more may come soon. But please remember: BTC is only a zombie to be bypassed - realizing an permissionless money for the whole world is the meaningful goal.
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My wife says we should split up because I keep pretending I'm a detective.

I said good idea, we can cover more ground that way.
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Nice back and forth with him! He came around and realized he was totally wrong about the original position. Now looking for ways to use BCH in their business platform.
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I have been looking forward to this and it does not disappoint. I recommend anyone interested in BCH go read every comment.
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[AMA] Jason Dreyzehner, author of PMv3 – a v3 TX format enabling prediction markets
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I've seen it when their backend / node was down or having issues. Haven't seen it in a long time though. It worked for me about 30 minutes ago.
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
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You ok George ? You a clever guy in charge of his destiny my friend, if you feeling a bit stuck maybe a change in something is needed, which you CAN do. You the man George :-)
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Some people don't appreciate it when you're different, like when you're a foreigner in a country or something like that. People like things they can understand.
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Maybe try a trip to Japan or see if you can find it locally. So many bottled ice tea options. No sugar or sweeteners.
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Does that bother you? From a different angle, I appreciate things you have done for adoption of p2p electronic cash. Do you get that feeling sometimes?
Bitcoin Cash, but in Bavarian https://bar.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin_Cash
Oh wow. Houston Rockets (3.1M followers, accepts BCH)


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What's wrong with tea? You put sugar in it?
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Almost no info about the team. It's very hard to trust. Has anyone contacted them?
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So real
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Yet another scam impersonating BCHN:


Reported them as malware to Github and updated our list at:

How to use prompt.cash with Electron Cash https://wiki.electroncash.de/wiki/Prompt.cash