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22d · poker
member.cash Friday Freeroll - member.cash will be sponsoring a FREE poker tournament this coming Friday! $35 prize fund.
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member.cash will stick with the BCHN compatible chain in the upcoming fork
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Sorry I got the context of the conversation now! Yes it will be good when we get there but we are not there yet. Mining template service is a good first step.
replied 41d
Yes we keep moving in the direction we need to go. Remember anyone can split at any time. But if it's worth nothing, nobody calls it a split.
replied 50d
Yes, diversification to such a degree that no node implementation has a super majority.
replied 41d
We are not at global adoption yet either. What is your point? We keep moving toward success.
Perspective that BCH governance is in fact moving forward, not along the ruts of legacy coercive systems, but of evidence, persuasion and collaboration

No bullshit.
No split.
Why not both.
replied 51d
Make it so, stakeholders. No bullshit, no split. It's a good combo.
replied 52d
Yeah I saw this, that's why I said that a clear statement from economic actors would be a good thing.
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BCH will survive well.
This incident demonstrates how
open discussion can help a community
successfully navigate a crisis.
Success illuminates 'who examines' vs 'who schemes'.
The BitcoinCashJ @flipstartercash campaign is in progress. :)


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Unambiguous statement that aserti3-2d should be implemented and Grasberg should be decisively rejected.

Initial signers:
General Protocols
Software Verde
replied 52d
The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is in the process of making clear what needs to happen in November, and a split is not one of those things.
replied 62d
New random #memo idea. Instead of boring green memo banner, we have an image. We get to bid sats for what image we want. Dutch auction. Memo dev gets the funds.
replied 62d
I assume it represents "The Mule", which is a character in the book.
replied 54d
That's right! Thank you for replying to the question.
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Random query. I have always liked your profile pick. Do you have a source for it?
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And published in a code base that is still very similar to ABC - similar enough that it could more or less be copy pasted.
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Today, every month, every year, we are in the process of finding out what Bitcoin is made of. Your action or inaction will ripple out and affect future generations. Please be bold.
To all the builders, promoters, marketers, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, traders, merchants, fans and users out there:
Hey Memos. Hope you all are doing well. Enjoying the clown show today? We will get through this and while history may rhyme, it may not repeat this time.
bchd 0.16.5 is now available and is a recommended update for all users! Key features include HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support and many JSON-RPC improvements!