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replied 8d
my Landlord gave me this fridge but unfortunately i dont have any to put inside it.
replied 9d
nope i just felt bad i tought you dont wanted to help me thats all. sorry for that Uther
replied 9d
I ask for your help everyones noticed except me and thats hard for my part.
replied 9d
hi Frend Im needing your help will you help me please. i need to buy food, sanitizers and necessities stuff. i have no more in my stock cabinet even instant food no more for tonight.
sent · 555 sats 13d
Hope you still remember me Uther🙏🏼 im asking for any amount. i dont have food money ur the only one here is generous. if could see my situation maybe u will understand😢
replied 13d
Unusual Uther
Hi Uther will u help me i need Food money i dont have anything to buy for food here this afternoon.i feel down and so depressing its been 3 days since im struggling to buy food crying.
replied 50d
i'd already got my phone back im so very thankful to those people lend me some money. and to you Uther you guys make it possible to get my phone back. thank you
replied 52d
my time is up here in internet cafe, i gotta go! Hope for your response soon thanks for considering.
replied 52d
thank you for your support. im still hoping here Uther tomorrow will be its due.
replied 52d
Because of the regulations regarding crypto currency enacted by communists trying to destroy the economy, this is really the only comfortable way to use crypto currency.
replied 52d
How much is this in Dollars? my math came out too 300$ I can't afford 300$.
How much do you need in Dollars?
replied 52d
yes it cost $330 but im not ask for that much Uther. it is up to how much you wanted i already have $110 und the rest im still looking.
replied 52d
i get back as possible Uther this was my receipt. i can't join any of your task because i didn't have my phone. i wanted to get back and monitor my memo.
replied 52d
im At the internetshop just drop by to see whats happenin here i hope i will have your respones tomorrow. it's evening here and i need to go back in my dorm goodnight😊
sent · 555 sats 52d
Hello Good Day Uther! will you help me to get my phone in pawn shop. it will be due on sunday and i dont have enough money here. please help this will be my last request i hope u consider thanks
Good day, just drop by to greet you guys!
replied 59d
Hello Uther! just drop by here to see you guys! keep safe always my Friend. 😘
let's give it a try.
sent · 555 sats 69d
will you help me for some sats. i have ran out of food money. i cant reponse on your message soon because i only using a rent computer. after half hour i will be ofline please and thank you.
hello Memo Guys, just drop by to see whats happenin here. i miss my phone i cant used to be online always, i just opend my account here in computer shop. hope i could get my phone back to be updater. Miss you MemoFam.
replied 72d
that is ok! hope i had my phone back that time. please be patient for me, sorry if sometimes you do feel grouchy for me i just have to make savings and get back as it was before.
replied 72d
replied 72d
Hi uther sorry for late response. i had pawned my phone thats is why i cant be online always. i still wanted to accept Bitcoin sticker! is it still exclusive for me? hopefuly.
replied 80d
Unusual Uther
yes count me in i will do that for you. i will work for my sats. thank you😘
replied 80d
Unusual Uther
I'm sorry but I am, just want to earn sats even just a little, i wanted to share great images to earn. iwant to work hard for a sats tho' its hard i will be work for it. thank you.