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replied · 283d
Logical. All else aside, either taxes or printing money will pay for public goods
replied · 284d
taxes you mean;)
Which mining profitability calculator do you prefer, and why?
replied · 285d
This is amazing! Good to know that there exist projects that are still making money. Also, wouldn't Nexo be considered a security since token holders are able to share its earnings?
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replied · 285d
Its green! Any idea why?
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Hello world, im new to memo
replied · 290d
Everything is public. You are misinformed or misunderstand how the software is distributed.
replied · 290d
What's a hidden checkpoint?
replied · 290d
I can't help but feel that open source is very much like "Terms and Conditions", its always there but not enough people look at it
replied · 290d
You can't hide things in open source. I just sent you the link to the code.
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Sensible stance on the fork @memo! Kudos
replied · 293d
Thats one powerful mining machine then lol
replied · 293d
Love how you said BCH there!
Why does it feel like this chat discussion here is >50% about SV these days? And why is it almost exclusively bashing BCH instead of being productive?
I am thankful for the humility that Crypto has taught me this year!
replied · 296d
Alternatively, you could make the protocol usable for more users.
replied · 296d
It's the ticker symbol Calvin Dairy Ayre recomended BCH take and SV would end the hash war.
replied · 297d
Precisely. Think they should "officially" be seen as separate chains already.
replied · 298d
Seems mighty unlikely since SV will have to reorg 685 (557452-556767) blocks since ABC's checkpoint checkpoint
replied · 298d