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listed 1,000 BCHCOST for 500,000 satoshis (500 each) 1295d

Heavy rain. Its good to have a coffee with a good music 💖💖
I want to work online again. But i dont have my laptop and dont have internet connection now. Holy cow
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Wooaah so awesome!
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Can someone tip me for my kids
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It was so sad to hear 😌 i hope it will fix very soon

That all we have now. Still thinking where i will get money to buy food for them

Asking for help. Even small tip for my sick mom and milk pf my baby 🙏🏻 even small help will be much appreciated. Godbless

Heavy rain 😌 wish it would be a blessing for everyone 😔
I dunno what would be a caption for this!? 🤦🏻 hayss 😔😞
I dunno what would be a caption for this!? 🤦🏻 hayss 😔😞
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Hey uther calm 😂 they will hit by the virus relax 😂😂
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And hoping for Uther tip coz he's so angry on Bill Gates now lol 😂😂
Not a single person should even attempt to think about bill gates, or even think about how to spell his name correctly, he is a bad person that needs to be forgotten. Wasting everyones life with disinfo, FUCK YOU BILL
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Pity Bill! 😂😂
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You should put a piece of paper on your forehead Uther 😁😂 Hiccup remover 😁
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Fuck that VACCINE! he only wants to control people. Damn it!
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Dick Suckers hahahaha 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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Retarded ahhahah
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Hey calm down! 😅
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Fuck the Auto Correction on keyboard 😂😂😂
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**Yeah im smoking cigarette in a decade and i cant help my self not to smoke in a eeek lol i also tried the weeds before but i didnt want the taste of it 😂 so i didnt try it again
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Thats cool lol boredamn strike 😂😂