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10 TYPES OF DRAGONS You Didn't Know About
Attempts to Deplatform @Bitcoin Account Reveal Private Message With Twitter CEO
308d · Bitcoin SV
More desperate shilling from the BSV retard squad.
[BULLISH] tribeOS to Use Bitcoin Cash For Its Advertising Marketplace:
331d · Bitcoin SV
Biggest blocks hit cap of 128MB. Time to upgrade Bitcoin blocks to 512MB? 🤔
Major Cult of Craig
332d · memo
Everyone who answered 'No' to the poll should backup their keys!
333d · memo
BCH: 350901-349965=936 memo txs. num of txs📈26.5%, account for 4.7% of all BCH txs(19972)
BSV: 730551-730067=484 memo txs, num of txs📈0.6%, account for 8.0% of all BSV txs(6084)
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Forgot the #dailymemo tag 😅
Version 4.0.0 of Electron Cash is finally out! CashShuffle enabled! Let's shuffle some coins guys! #cashshuffle
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Billy White
What do you mean? Other users give you satoshis while liking your posts. The faucet only works for posting.
It's almost impossible for us to imagine how little normal people care about bitcoin. We've been in too long.

People don't care about bitcoin at all.

People care about how it impacts them.

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2017 was unhealthy and inorganic growth.
At the top of the market in 2017, it felt like crypto was mainstream

No matter what else happened, bitcoin would always be in the public consciousness

Peak 2013 felt the same way

335d · memo
The sad but predictable consequence of making memo free to post is the return of spammers, racists, nazis, qtards and other shitheads that can't wait to waste other people's satoshis on their bullshit
BCH Game
#FreeGiveAway The first 3 repliers who also follow me got 30,000!
BCH Game
#FreeGiveAway Replier who follow me got 10,000+100*(your reply's sequence!)
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Memo identify a message by its transaction ID. If a message have same transaction ID on both BCH & BSV chains, these 2 messages can be considered same, which requires unsplitted coins.
338d · Strange Planet
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Engr. Samest
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Billy White
Yes, details here:
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Billy White
replied 341d
I am a BCH supporter and I have NO intention of leaving. I have no problem people doing stuff for BSV. As long as you keep doing awesome stuff with Memo agnostically I am happy.
replied 341d
I understand if money is an issue and Coingeek pays, but BCH is the more decentralized project, as is most of its fundraising

I'm here with my 1m sat tips for BCH developments though
342d · memo
Topics have been updated to use icons for replies & likes