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10 TYPES OF DRAGONS You Didn't Know About
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Bitfinex Withdraws $89 Million From Cold Wallet as Users Signal Exodus Over Legal Debacle
In case you just found out about the Tether and Bitfinex news, here is a guy who has been writing for a while about it:
Collaborative decentralized docs
In 2015, pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine produced a video that suggested the Ukraine government was being supplied with Stinger air missiles
In 2016 the embassy of Russia in UK used an image from the game Command and Conquer to prove that the opposition had chemical weapons.
The creepy Social Credit System in China
A guy escapes his ISIS captors and kills them
How to Build Your Own Troll Bot Army
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Do you ever see BCH becoming $500,000 USD?
Yes 8 votes · 1,101 satoshis
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Attempts to Deplatform @Bitcoin Account Reveal Private Message With Twitter CEO
More desperate shilling from the BSV retard squad.
How Tether used Kraken for market manipulation
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This is my portfolio. Any suggestions?
Thinking about trading Ripple with Binance tokens. (Although I don't like Binance)
White woman who 'changed race' thinks she will be able to have a black baby with white husband
Duped academic journal publishes rewrite of ‘Mein Kampf’ as feminist manifesto