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Hey, I love BCH!!!


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Indeed I sent it directly to txBlaster2, it will be executed at once!
Hey, sending 13,000,000 sats from txBlasterCollect to the txBlaster3 to be sent to the test right now!
Sure! The beast is ready for it! You can send fuel to txBlasterCollect or to txBlaster2 that'll be executed immediately. Many tests, lot of preparations, hope it will be good!
The balance is right, only the post in memo was not working due a bug that I introduced in the program doing other things. Sorry about that, now is OK! Thanks to report!
I'm just checking...
Good test from @Cryptogrampa just now! I put a new feature that is sending the tx twice in two different nodes. So, we can see this working now.
Thank you for the ideas and feedback, we need more!
We operated from many locations, we had nodes in Hong Kong, US, Belgium, Finland and others.
txBlaster can do much more, but it needs UTXO to work, this means an amount of BCH. txBlaster was idle the most of the time because this was a small test to test the things.
So far 450k tx!
Yes, and we identified a simple error that needs to be fixed that we decrease the error rate.
This was above the limit of the txBlaster2, that is 0.15, so it was left there without processing. Now, I am collecting the errors (3,397,377 sats) and will do a second big run!
Sorry guys, I made mistake, I was sending the funds from txBlasterCollect to txBlaster2 manually in chunks of 5,000,000, but then I wrongly sent 50,000,000.
All the txs in errors will be recalled and submitted again.
Sent all funds from txBlasterCollect and txBlaster3 to txBlaster2...
Thank you for the view!
I will begin to send the funds in txBlasterCollect to txBlaster2 to execution, ok?
Hey ppl, we are open for business!
And at this moment we have 4 nodes in US, but we can add more in any country. I will add one more, I think I will put it in Europe.We can choose BU, SV or BU.
I added a lot of improvements in the last days. The main machine now is running with 8 cpus and 30GB, but we can add more if necessary.
txBlaster2 now can add any quantity of nodes dinamically!
Don't worry about the balance in the above message, I'm just testing the bot with another node that is not yet synchronized.
For sure! Maybe I should have a minimum value to send a memo post message.
I would need to do a change for the balance be the sum of both wallets, the txBlasterCollect + multi-sig wallet.
On the day, we will need to transfer the funds back for the bot to handle it. We can transfer in chunks of 0.5 BCH for instance. The players need to be available to sign the txs.