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Hey, I love BCH!!!


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No, op_return increases the price of the transactions and doesn't prove anything IMO, anybody can send transactions with the same message, what does it prove?
Thank you! Yes, we are analysing everything, to improve the system.
What I know is that at this time I was sending almost 1.6 million transactions... Maybe I have some in these blocks!
We want to have dedicated connection to external nodes also, I will contact you in priv to get the information to connect to your node, this will be very good. Thank you very much!
This grid was composed of 36 geographically dispersed nodes exclusively to send the txs, that was sent by each one randomically. All interconnected with each other and externally.
As I could solve and fix the the bugs that caused the previous errors I gave up (at least for now) to work on this. But in the today stress test the tx was sent by a grid of nodes.
As I was having a lot of errors in sending tx in the before tests I was working in a way to send each tx twice trough two nodes. But unfortunately I couldn't finalize this.
Indeed I sent it directly to txBlaster2, it will be executed at once!
Hey, sending 13,000,000 sats from txBlasterCollect to the txBlaster3 to be sent to the test right now!
Sure! The beast is ready for it! You can send fuel to txBlasterCollect or to txBlaster2 that'll be executed immediately. Many tests, lot of preparations, hope it will be good!
The balance is right, only the post in memo was not working due a bug that I introduced in the program doing other things. Sorry about that, now is OK! Thanks to report!
I'm just checking...
Good test from @Cryptogrampa just now! I put a new feature that is sending the tx twice in two different nodes. So, we can see this working now.
Yes, you can start the blaster by tipping txBlaster2 memo user, also you can start sending bch in site. Everything is reported in the memo topic: txBlaster2_bot!
Thank you for the ideas and feedback, we need more!
We operated from many locations, we had nodes in Hong Kong, US, Belgium, Finland and others.
txBlaster can do much more, but it needs UTXO to work, this means an amount of BCH. txBlaster was idle the most of the time because this was a small test to test the things.
So far 450k tx!
Yes, and we identified a simple error that needs to be fixed that we decrease the error rate.
This was above the limit of the txBlaster2, that is 0.15, so it was left there without processing. Now, I am collecting the errors (3,397,377 sats) and will do a second big run!