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I wish miners evaluated the performance of implementations under high volume stress tests. Seems best way to know what works best and what can scale best.
There’s not enough real live empirical data evaluation of hardware and software with high volume of txns. Too much theoretical arguments on limitations
replied · 194d
No, op_return increases the price of the transactions and doesn't prove anything IMO, anybody can send transactions with the same message, what does it prove?
replied · 194d
Thank you! Yes, we are analysing everything, to improve the system.
replied · 195d
Hitting the network from all over the world. Great work Esthon! Will TheWildCard be doing analysis of bottlenecks, comparison of implementations, how many nodes dropped out, etc?
replied · 195d
What I know is that at this time I was sending almost 1.6 million transactions... Maybe I have some in these blocks!
Let's see what kind of "argument" they will come up with now, that 128 MB or bigger are not needed yet. I can remember those small blocker comments quite good from last year.
replied · 195d
It was Faketoshi creating transactions and mining them in his
SV pool.
Is there a stress test happening or something?
No, the bottlenecks were mitigated to some degree, but not fixed. See the mempool divergences:,24h
replied · 195d
Does this mean the bottlenecks have been fixed?
replied · 195d
Way to go Tom!
replied · 195d
Thanks! Still a few small issues after blocks are found, but that is mostly due to the node. How is the stress test next week going to be bigger than this?!
replied · 195d
txstreet performed well this time.
Great work Tom...

looks like it'll be a very busy street next week :)
replied · 196d
Remember to take screenshot next time!
32mb block just found! Saw all 32 buses leave on TxStreet :D
Congratulations on successfully breaking a new record, and doing so consistently.
replied · 195d
We want to have dedicated connection to external nodes also, I will contact you in priv to get the information to connect to your node, this will be very good. Thank you very much!
replied · 195d
This grid was composed of 36 geographically dispersed nodes exclusively to send the txs, that was sent by each one randomically. All interconnected with each other and externally.
replied · 195d
As I could solve and fix the the bugs that caused the previous errors I gave up (at least for now) to work on this. But in the today stress test the tx was sent by a grid of nodes.
replied · 195d
As I was having a lot of errors in sending tx in the before tests I was working in a way to send each tx twice trough two nodes. But unfortunately I couldn't finalize this.
replied · 196d
Great job esthon. We made a 32 MB block. Incredible.
Indeed I sent it directly to txBlaster2, it will be executed at once!
Hey, sending 13,000,000 sats from txBlasterCollect to the txBlaster3 to be sent to the test right now!
Is this November 10st test at 12 UTC happening for sure?