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Hey, I love BCH!!!


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Tasks 1 and 2 mentioned above, to improve parallelism, already done. So, to test you can send many commands in parallel of any size, until the limit of 15,000,000 satoshis now.
Hi @txBlaster3, I just sent your 48 tx's (run id: R1394), bye!
But the txBlaster2 will be up and running from now on permanently. So, stress test now can anytime!
We (a little group of people) are thinking to make like a mini stress test every first day of the month.
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· 15 hours ago
I am very impressed with TxBlaster. Way to go!
3) install a BU node to be used in parallel with the ABC node; and 4) Increase CPUs and RAM memory of the bot virtual machine.
To prepare for our mini stress test on October 1, I want to do a few things still: 1) improve instance parallelism; 2) improve the parallelism of sending txs to nodes
Guys, txBlaster2 is up and running, you can send tips from 15K to 1,500K and it will create txs accordingly. Let me know if something doesn't work well. Report here, please!
Hi @txBlaster3, I just sent your tx's (run id: R1343), bye!
Hey, my new watch window is:
are you saying to use here or in telegram? I think I used sometimes in telegram, but here I don't how to use it.
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Anyone who thinks is a good idea to go up against Dr. Craig S. Wright in a competition is beyond an idiot.

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Hehehe, I received!
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I should have communicated this but at the end we were more stressed than the test... hehehe! Next time, let's assure this will not occur.
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Sorry about that. During the stress test, bitdb had some problems, also we had problems with reading and post messages to memo. So, I had to modify the bot in a hurry to not use them.
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· 3 days ago
Yes, sure, I am thinking in create a site for this. I mean, leave it as before and add a site.
As soon as I restart it, I will put a message here. And I am going to check more frequently here to not leave questions without answers!
Hi, @BitcoinCashHoarder, sorry I didn't see your post before. txBlaster2 is stopped right now, but I can put it online. Give me some days to check if everything is OK to start it.
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More than 100k posts on memo! -> Total Posts 100,065

I want to see how many people currently use Memo on a day to day basis. Stats page only shows total users. So with that in mind, how often do you visit Memo?


I'm on it several times a day and it's largely replaced my reddit time.
As my first post, I would like to make a prediction on BCH price. Yesterday, 9/12/2018 marks the end of the bear trend with a low of BCH at $410 USD.
🤖 1 BCH = 484.98$ 📈 3.30%
Tips = fuel️