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Accelerating the first Bitcoin Cash node on Mars! 👩‍🚀🚀🔴 Let's bring zk-SNARKs and privacy to BCH! 🛡


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Constant size tiny blockchains of 2kb using STARKs!
"WormholeCash", "WormholeCash",

Why and how should I take seriously a person that is acting such juvenile? If you are a grown up, act like one.
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heard elon musk talk about mars gov. he mentioned sunset clauses or needing larger majority (~60%) to enact laws & smaller minority (~40%) to repeal laws. might contain gov creep
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Guess my response would be whenever the state & market compete, free market does a better job more efficiently (eg mail). Would this not extend to all state functions?
>communists/socialists are the most evolved humans.
Thanks for the tip. Metformin is OTC pretty much everywhere except for the U.S. and Ireland from what I've encountered. You can pick up a bunch while abroad or order from overseas.
Interessting. p-Synephrine also stimulates glucose consumption via AMPK and it's available OTC. But I'm sure metformin is way stronger. In the end, excess glucose (AGEs) is a problem.
Vice covers RAADfest! (Who's planning to go to 2019's?)
Indeed, so much hope in there for the future of mankind! Appreciated his recent videos on Seasteading. Posted them over here:
I love Isaac Arthur's videos!!! "Civilizations at the End of Time: Iron Stars" ☀️is my favorite
I love the Upward Bound series, and I really like the idea of an Orbital Ring around the Earth.
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I bet you Isaac Arthur's figured a way out.
Next step after immortality - finding a way to halt the end of the universe!
There are 100 accounts named `` who created a lot of hash messages in sv memo site. Which makes hunders of tx per day on sv memo site.
Waste disposal has been highly refined and requires minimal space to store decades worth (compare to area required for solar farms). –