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Life extension, transhumanism, cosmic colonisation – the Extropian Singularity is near! ♾️ | http://AppliedExtropy.org 👩‍🔬


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Things are accelerating!
Berberine seems to be a good OTC alternative to metformin, although taking care about pharmacological interactions.
Avalanche really is a great idea.
Most excellent! A very rational creed indeed!
Thanks for the tip!
We're now on Honest.cash! Check out our first article on the Centre's guidestone and foundational beliefs:


yeah, pretty quiet. would love to see more r/btc discussion move here. it's been so toxic there recently.
Made it through the first season of Star Trek Discovery. There was like, one away mission... ? Ffs they didn’t even introduce most of the bridge officers.
'La metformina puede hacer que la gente viva más años, y que tarde más años en ponerse enferma.'

So as for the origin of life.
Centre for Applied Extropy
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BCH or BSV more usage at the end of 2019?
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Centre for Applied Extropy
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🧀🧀🧀 or 🧀🧀🧀🧀?
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Polls are now fixed! Apologies :)
It is planned to support profile images that are stored on-chain.
LifeExtension.org's SuperSale is on; good time to order blood tests.
Centre for Applied Extropy
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Life extension, transhumanism, cosmic colonisation – the Extropian Singularity is near! ♾️ | http://AppliedExtropy.org 👩‍🔬
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Honestly, if you get a cheap VPS, you can set it up to sync via FTP/SFTP. That way at least it's not on Google or Dropbox's servers. Extra points if you pay in crypto.
Search up syncthing. Its amazing.
Sure, although update management is a lot easier with F-Droid. Helps with discovery among its users too.
KeePassXC appears to be the most well maintained of the KeePass implementations. Is there a secure method of syncing that you'd recommend? (No Gdrive, Dropbox, etc. for me.)
Join the first of our Immortality Rundown ♾️ series on February 03 in Manchester, New Hampshire! – https://eventbrite.com/e/immortality-rundown-registration-55128818781