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replied · 72d
Scientology ruined my sister’s life. She sold everything she had and gave all her money to them. To become Scientologist Clear, OT or something. Whatever that means.
replied · 73d
I usually prefer the diversity that forks bring, but yeah BSVision was a good example of a worthless one, basically just a Coingeek blockchain. Its price is a good measure of market ir
· 75d
Wow, BTC devs so salty about BitPay that they would harm their own product in order to punish others:

replied · 73d
It's also a Scientologist front group.
· 73d
Donate money to SENS Research Foundation. Check out this video related to defeating aging! Cheers and Limitless Peace.

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· 73d
"It feels sooo wrong that tether is on the coinmarketcap page, the assumption of having a top 10 means they can't just print more. Which is not applicable to tethers."
· 98d
Bitcoin's Lightning Network Is Shriveling Due to Terrible Incentives
· 124d
Our new website is live! – http://AppliedExtropy.org – Come and herald your apotheosis! 🌌🛸🛐
· 124d
Our new website is live! – https://AppliedExtropy.org – Come and herald your apotheosis! 🌌🛸🛐
replied · 124d
I hope you post more stuff related to defeating aging and radical life extension! Cheers and Limitless Peace.
replied · 126d
Most excellent!
· 127d
"Blockstream officially recognizes they made payments with Bitcoin unreliable for use as peer-to-peer electronic cash"
· 126d · Life Extension
Life Extension Advocacy Foundation - Rejuvenation Roundup - July 2019:
· 126d
I heard the weather app on the SV chain is now predicting 30% chance of rain, 30% chance of sunshine, and 30% chance of snow

· 126d
· 175d · Avalanche
The BEST way to explain what Avalanche is and how it can work for BCH as well as AVA is using an animated doodle. Would someone please make one?
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replied · 180d
A relevant refresher on the Drake Equation by Saint Sagan:

· 181d · Memes
why does the sun take so long to die? https://i.imgur.com/Um5q5l6.gifv
· 180d
It appears we'll need to be the ones to civilise entire galaxies:

replied · 181d