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Thank you so much Charlsss ♥️
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Happy birthday
Today, I'm turning 24. My only wish is good health and safety of my family 🙏
If you ever feel someone is avoiding or neglecting you, leave the place.

Prayers and love for everyone, may Allah protect us all
Today, my absolute hate to government reached its peak. ***k

Israel Caught Lying On Twitter, Campus Protest Pro-Israel Infiltrators Exposed & Bulldozing Families #Israel #Gaza #CampusProtests
Thankfully, classes are suspended. Otherwise, I don't know how to literally "beat the heat" cause I am already super exhausted these days.
Crazy Bitcoin Fees
That is why, I only BCH, send money anywhere for only a cent.
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It's true, the heat is really melting us, many students are fainting at school due to this heat, it's unbearable
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The heat is really unbearable that everyday I could witness one or two students fainting in our school.
An unfortunate turn of events for teachers who died because heat stroke here in the province of Iloilo.
Good evening memo world!

Just got home.......
I have an overtime at work today and for the whole week. It's actually until 6pm only but I go straight to our veggie stall to help my mother.

Now I'm tired and hungry.
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2024-04-20, there were
16721 txs on BCH chain, 621278 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=2.7%
1870088-1869723=365 memo txs, 📉43.9%(compared w/ prev 651), account for 2.2% of all BCH txs
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Bitcoin Cash is fast, affordable and reliable
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name calling is not a valid argument
Someone out there who calls himself XOLOSARMY, keeps calling me "beggar" after I pointed out his mistake. That's how losers do their work so I'm not surprised.
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Tell me which part did you say it was? Things would be rather smooth if you know how to admit your mistake, that you did not do your DYOR before commenting some shit
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Hahahahahaah you're funny!!!!
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Unfortunately I'm outside, here in our veggie stall but I do have a really cold water in me.
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Stay safe Chubs, continue staying in cool places. Yesterday a schoolmate fainted because of heat.
It's so hot in here 🥵

No electricity, No internet!

Good thing it's a little windy outside today and I have mobile data.
A proof that every problem has a solution. Don't be drown by challenges in life☺️
What's up Xolos? Muting me after I pointed out your mistakes?

Next time, try to read. We're talking about Roger Vs. Saylor not Adam.