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Having conquered pride, a person becomes pleasant. Having overcome anger, he becomes cheerful. Having overcome passion, he becomes successful. Having overcome greed, he becomes happy.

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638d · covid-19
639d · Somebody,
Everyone has such places that it is impossible to forget about, if only because the air there remembers your happy breathing.
639d · Somebody,
True happiness is to have someone to whom you can open your soul without fear of being betrayed and ridiculed.
Merry Christmas Everyone
639d · Somebody,
Tiger is courage, bravery, luck! Let your life be bright, full of pleasant impressions, Let dreams come true, successes inspire and call for new exploits! Good health!
639d · Somebody,
Happy New Year! I wish that the Tiger became your guiding star, confidently led to the achievement of the goal! Let your credo be the desire to fight and win even in very difficult situations .
639d · Somebody,
Tiger bought gifts,
Put a mask on his nose,
Ran in from the cold
Under the vaccine dose,
Got my QR code
It will be a strong New Year,
It will be a healthy year!
Happy New Year of the Tiger!
640d · Somebody,
Winter is the time of year when people have to keep each other warm. With your own words, with your own feelings.
640d · Somebody,
If you meet your true love, then she will not go away from you - not in a week, not in a month, not in a year.
641d · Somebody,
Every minute the New Year is getting closer to us. Soon we will be able to make the most cherished wish and it will definitely come true!
641d · Somebody,
In 2022, I wish everyone 12 months without illness, 53 weeks of all the best, 365 days of happiness, 8760 hours of success, 525600 minutes of love, and 315360000 seconds of pleasant moments.
641d · Somebody,
A year flew by - they didn 't have time to notice,
There is a chance to start all over again now!
Let every week be bright,
And the New Year – well, just the highest class!
641d · Somebody,
Please accept my sincere congratulations on the upcoming New Year! May this year become a launching pad for new ups, discoveries, and victories! I wish you all good health and a peaceful sky.
641d · Somebody,
To laugh heartily and get enough sleep - these are the two best medicines for any ailment.
641d · Somebody,
The power is not in revenge, but in forgiveness. Not in pride, but in humility.
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Climate Change has its reasons, doesn't it?
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The Cloud Nations is to Take care of the Earth: wealthy and healthy.
641d · Somebody,
Never hope that someone else will change. Changes should always start with yourself.
641d · Somebody,
When a person hurts us, he is most likely deeply unhappy himself. Happy people are not rude, do not swear, do not gossip. Happy people in another reality. They don't need it.
641d · Somebody,
Have patience. Let the dirt settle, and the water will become clean, then the right actions will begin to suggest themselves.
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If I offended you in any way, I apologize. You are a good person and I was pleased to communicate with you and I never thought badly of you
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I don't know what you're talking about. I 'm not a bot or a spy . And I didn't take any money from you. I'm a real person and I wasn't going to offend you with anything.