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760d · Ideas to improve our lives
Turn your phone off.
761d ·
if you are using a mobile, change your display settings first to prevent phone sleeping so quick, make sure you have battery or it's plugged in, needs to be awake & browser running
762d ·
If you have any predictions for the future, Spet 1st would be a great time to post them😎
763d ·
If any has ideas how to build tools to help adoption & tx volume, please build them & share them here, if you cannot code offer up a bounty to give incentive to those who can. Act!
763d · Orange or Green logo for BCH
There is already a Poll on twitter and current favorite is SPARKLY PINK
763d · memo
Feature Request: Can we have locked topics, where only the OP can post, and others can then only reply to threads, basically giving users their own page
766d ·
making good progress people, more testing is to be done, but we are definitely on par, get things ready for September 1st, the first public Bitcoin stresstest, put some bubbly on ice
if i post a long as message as possible to see how much it costs how much should it cost, we will soon find out after i have posted this message, it probably stated somewhere but i am too lazy to search, so here we go
770d ·
@excalibur have you seen ?
770d ·
now might be a good time to have a little look at or
771d ·
It's only a taste of what's to come
772d ·
Looks like somebody has been doing some testing ahead of the stress test, 9355 transactions in a single block, total fees $19.44, Test tx fee 192 sats
772d · Banks be gone
Banks will always be around as long as people want to borrow money, but credit creation will cease.
772d · Random Facts
Boys have a penis, Girls have a vagina.
773d ·
i am just going to leave this here for everyone to gaze at its awesomeness, courtesy of Brendan Lee
773d · Favorite Quotes
Why is it that a 2 litre bottle of coke costs 27 pence, but a 1 litre bottle costs 37 pence?
773d · Favorite Quotes
This glue is for sticking my model aeroplanes together, not sticking up your fucking noses! Buy your own fucking glue!
773d · Let's Count to 21 Million with Images
Save it all for September 1st stress test!
773d · Where to spend Bitcoin Cash?
You can book your hotels and flights with BCH through
776d ·
look at this tx, just a random one i checked the other day when BTC clogged as funds being consolidated
776d ·
i thought this after bithumb got hacked, if you look at all the consolidating tx's, they are all being consolidated to a legacy address from a SW addresses
777d ·
@dashcunning-banned @trashposterIntheDark contact me via the website to discuss testing
779d · Bounties
We need a short infomercial for, $100 bounty contact via twitter @StressTestBCH or [email protected]
779d · Bounties
Need some work done? Graphics, video, web design, software development? or got some skills to offer, post your bounties or your services here
779d ·
this is where we need to nag Keyport for group chats