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· 336d
· 364d · Liquid by Blockstream
How do you hold liquid, if it can slip through your fingers.....
· 370d · Memes
· 370d · Memes
· 370d · Bitcoin Stash (bstash)
Wake me up when an Exchange adds support for stash, so I have a place to dump them.
· 370d · Bitcoin Stash (bstash)
Stash is a parody fork, if they do actually fork, it won't last long as it does not have enough support
· 380d
The price of any coin is simply the
Last Price Paid.
MC is LPP*coins in circulation

Only a small portion of bitcoin being traded Determines its fiat price.

Utility creates demand,
Demand increases price.
· 381d

Avoid scamming a-holes on memo,
who do nothing but stick their hand out.
Use your brain when reading their sob stories.
· 381d · BCH adoption
We also need to start educating kids & getting them involved as much as possible, when bitcoin came out, the 10 year old kids are now 19, that's literally a decade we have already wasted.
· 381d · Memo Suggestions
Use lighthouse or list future planned features somewhere, so people can contribute to bounties for each feature, to help prioritize
· 383d · Memo Suggestions
Memo needs a plugin for websites, like Disqus, so memoans (only) can comment on websites, may even be nice is site owner can also set a small comment fee.
· 390d · Documentaries
Nice to see a docs thread, it would be nicer if a review or opinion comment for each video is also added with the links.
· 396d · memo
So not just random tips, or tip everyone, the bot only tips those who engage with your posts
· 396d · memo
How about a bot that tips the first 10 replies to your posts
noticed during stresstest after lots of ABC nodes dropped off, there was suddenly 6 nodes running ABC 18.1
· 403d · Memo Suggestions
We need locked conversations for invited users only. So people can have public debates, without interruptions from trolls.
· 428d ·
Just a reminder, for stresstest day, if using HandCash, change the currency or use BCH denomination, to send smaller amounts. Vietnamese Dong I find easy to use to send micro tx
· 428d · Post your portfolios.
100% BCH (fiat just for day to day spending)
· 428d · Random acts of Handcash
$lauralou11 someone I just introduced to BCH & HandCash in the airport
· 432d ·
don't forget you can try your luck with some bets on the outcome of the stresstest, how many tx? total fees paid? etc.
· 437d ·
Don't be shy, you can play as many times as you want, just post the tips and guess individually.
· 437d ·
Great to see @BitcoinCashHoarder playing stress test games, here is a tip people, use the data from Aug 1st, to calculate any guesses you make😉
· 438d ·
· 438d ·
I just posted some Stress Test Games, obviously there is some trust involved, but just gives opportunity for some fun😋
· 457d · GROUP tokenization proposal by Andrew Stone
Just for those who have not read this as it was published a while ago.