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replied · 212d
I do. I added 20% more antiminer S9s to my fleet directed to SVpool.
replied · 212d
Not every one. Not mine. I’m 100% on BCH since October 3rd last year, and now 100% SVpool.
replied · 212d
I’m sticking to Satoshi’s script. Yes, CSW is also sticking to Satoshi’s script. And yes SV is all about Satoshis vision too.
I added more antminer S9s miners and directed to SVpool.
replied · 212d
For example, I have mined BCH since October 3rd but only sold once and made enough to pay overhead for decades. I’m investing PoW into SV to make it stronger.
replied · 212d
They let Core win. They really don’t know what they are doing. What is common knowledge for us eludes them. But I’m happy they don’t get it. Let’s me load up on SV.
replied · 212d
Classic NPC focused on the personality of ONE GUY. This is about the consensus rules. The performance issues can be worked on independently without any hardforks EVER.
replied · 212d
What?ABC just ruined their reputation adding checkpoints to prevent his and Calvin's reorgs... He's done us all a service by shining a spotlight on ABC camp and their lack of integrity
replied · 213d
If they get ABC to add replay protection they can claim the royal blood line later. They clearly plan beat BTC as well as BCH.
replied · 213d
BSV will thrive. It is the closest to the original Satoshi vision. It was created to defend against contentious protocol changes that will prevent massive adoption.
Wager between myself (@btcfork) and @StackmyBCHup on November fork outcome
With no names or handles behind it it's most likely something like Clashic or "Bitcoin Core" the chain, just trolling.
Coin Marketcap presents misleading info. Use They take into account discounted supply, velocity, transactions, and other 'fair values', that

"more red flags for #bitmain IPO"
takes a their document apart...

and finds financial discrepancies.
Smart people are much aware of BCH. Only newbies have heard of BTC and believe it's Bitcoin.
replied · 269d
I'm making this is compulsory viewing
for anybody questioning why the different 'bitcoins'
replied · 269d
A team of my students won a national(Japanese) computer programming competition. There's all kinds of things you'll want that you don't even know could exist yet. They'll make them.
A basic income is by definition corrupt. The money they give to their citizens is stolen from nature or other nations. They make you complicit in crimes against humans & nature.
replied · 270d
Phuck voting.
replied · 269d
I always thought it was the other way around => tje best hedge fund traders are using PR firms to coordinate their timing
replied · 270d
Gen Z is redpilled af. Once those kids start getting good paying jobs(they can already vote) it's going to be curtains for the federal reserve.
replied · 269d
I mean I'm just saying, in the next 5 or so years those kids will be entering the work force and starting to pull down discretionary income regardless. A large % know the FED is toast.
replied · 270d
This is planned, thanks for the suggestion :)
replied · 270d
This seems like something worthy of the November upgrade.