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replied · 347d
Bitcoin ABC's tx relay is explicitly rate limited to 7 to 14tx per second.
This was added to core by G. Maxwelle and P. Wuille.
and was overlooked by ABC devs
replied · 348d
does it send them a message by sms or email, if they dont have centbee?
replied · 351d
The Orville is a good watch😉
replied · 352d
The supply remains constant.
12.5 new coins every 10 mins (on average)

This does not change, no matter how many coins you burn

(halving obviously - 50%)
The price of any coin is simply the
Last Price Paid.
MC is LPP*coins in circulation

Only a small portion of bitcoin being traded Determines its fiat price.

Utility creates demand,
Demand increases price.
replied · 352d
If I burn 100 coins the price in USD is unaffected, as these coins would not be part of trading market anyway.

All it means is, I hold less bitcoin.
replied · 352d
Supply AND demand,
Determines price.

It doesn't matter what the supply is if there is no demand.


Utility is where the value stems from, not the supply.
replied · 352d
They always will be.

Burning coins does not increase the price in USD of remaining coins

All it does
Is reduces how many slices of the pie there will be.
This is not the same.
replied · 352d
I'm making this is compulsory viewing
for anybody questioning why the different 'bitcoins'
replied · 352d
a BURNT coin, is essentially a coin sold for $0.00

this has no impact on remaining coins.
replied · 352d
i dont think burning affects price in any way, which is exactly my point, people claiming burning increases value of other coins, this is provably false, by the price decline.
replied · 352d
have you thought about having them make some Bitcoin videos, explaining Bitcoin and how it works and its benefits?

pretty sure such peeps will tip.

lighthouse project maybe to fund
replied · 352d
How much did they win?

Yes I also see programming becoming an unskilled job in future as it gets taught more and advances.
replied · 353d
A team of my students won a national(Japanese) computer programming competition. There's all kinds of things you'll want that you don't even know could exist yet. They'll make them.
A basic income is by definition corrupt. The money they give to their citizens is stolen from nature or other nations. They make you complicit in crimes against humans & nature.
replied · 353d
Phuck voting.
replied · 352d
Similar to my thought, many jobs we consider today as skilled, will become unskilled jobs, as they will teach it in schools to everyone. eg It development.
replied · 352d
I think more globally than just America, lots of unskilled jobs will vanish, maybe not all, but a lot. new jobs may replace them but they will need be different to today's jobs.
replied · 353d
With that skillset,
why do you need a job,
use your brain and create.
Work for yourself.

Imo, you are talking bollox, and just taking advantage of kind memoans.

Avoid scamming a-holes on memo,
who do nothing but stick their hand out.
Use your brain when reading their sob stories.
replied · 353d

You got all those skills and you cannot make money from home.

Don't make sense to myself.
replied · 353d
One thing that will be interesting to see, is how Gen Z do with the loss of data entry jobs and many other unskilled jobs as machines replace them.
replied · 353d
I always thought it was the other way around => tje best hedge fund traders are using PR firms to coordinate their timing
replied · 353d
Gen Z is redpilled af. Once those kids start getting good paying jobs(they can already vote) it's going to be curtains for the federal reserve.
replied · 353d
Your name is not Charlie Lee by any chance is it?