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the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.


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replied · 251d

opt for BSV or BCH
testing testing

#PosterCash :)
replied · 263d
dammit, forgot!

@memo gets a big mention in April :)
replied · 263d
well, we'll thank the people behind the museum,
there's always people involved.
Thanks :)
replied · 264d
who created OhMySatoshi?

I want to thank them on the livestream
Fivebucks bounty

Build money button into open cart $200
any takers?

It's the first stage of a bigger project :)
replied · 273d
AWESOME, thank you!
getting together a @keyporttv livestream for the end of year

what significant events shaped 2018?
Month by month ie:
Jan: jeepney created
May: jeepney arrived
Nov: upgrade
Sept: cointext introduces dash...
replied · 273d
and their customer service is excellent :)
I recommend.
meeting @memo's Jason,
a highlight of the conference.

Putting faces to names
and hearing the direction of this platform

replied · 294d
not a problem,
thank you for asking :)
replied · 300d
24hours, a window of opportunity.
now smashed.

Oh well.
replied · 300d
Um, I counted four SV explorers last time I checked.
Growing fast, could be more now.
replied · 300d
You're right,
in light of documents that have shown up in Calvin's hands
showing market manipulation in exchanges
negotiations seem to have stopped.
replied · 301d
Who's "us"? There's a club?

An offer has been made
drop #BCH

start from scratch.

Accept or counteroffer?

An offer has been made
drop #BCH

start from scratch.

Accept or counteroffer?
replied · 302d
More like the terrible two's.
replied · 302d
followed by the sound of whinging, whining... tempers flaring :)


He *shouldn't* be like that.
replied · 302d
I've tipped this post
again :)
yes, can see looks like first time didn't get thru.
replied · 302d
I'll take that 64 and raise you another...

half way to the limit,
already :)
replied · 302d
there is no split... this is just a temporary separation as the true BITCOIN is determined
Enjoy :)

Hear that?
It's the sound of bitcoin scaling :)
replied · 303d
I was wrong, I didn't know that.

too busy with the shotgun to want to make a decision?
when building the software it was decided probably not a good idea (yet)?