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the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.


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opt for BSV or BCH
testing testing

#PosterCash :)
dammit, forgot!

@memo gets a big mention in April :)
well, we'll thank the people behind the museum,
there's always people involved.
Thanks :)
who created OhMySatoshi?

I want to thank them on the livestream
Fivebucks bounty

Build money button into open cart $200
any takers?

It's the first stage of a bigger project :)
AWESOME, thank you!
getting together a @keyporttv livestream for the end of year

what significant events shaped 2018?
Month by month ie:
Jan: jeepney created
May: jeepney arrived
Nov: upgrade
Sept: cointext introduces dash...
and their customer service is excellent :)
I recommend.
meeting @memo's Jason,
a highlight of the conference.

Putting faces to names
and hearing the direction of this platform

not a problem,
thank you for asking :)
24hours, a window of opportunity.
now smashed.

Oh well.
Um, I counted four SV explorers last time I checked.
Growing fast, could be more now.
You're right,
in light of documents that have shown up in Calvin's hands
showing market manipulation in exchanges
negotiations seem to have stopped.
Who's "us"? There's a club?

An offer has been made
drop #BCH

start from scratch.

Accept or counteroffer?

An offer has been made
drop #BCH

start from scratch.

Accept or counteroffer?
More like the terrible two's.
followed by the sound of whinging, whining... tempers flaring :)


He *shouldn't* be like that.
I've tipped this post
again :)
yes, can see looks like first time didn't get thru.
I'll take that 64 and raise you another...

half way to the limit,
already :)
there is no split... this is just a temporary separation as the true BITCOIN is determined
Enjoy :)

Hear that?
It's the sound of bitcoin scaling :)
I was wrong, I didn't know that.

too busy with the shotgun to want to make a decision?
when building the software it was decided probably not a good idea (yet)?