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the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.


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If you maintain your level of posting, you will only make 0.08 BCH/BSV in 1 year (extrapolated). You will have to step it up.
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He's been successfully undoing his good work for the past 2 months now.
I’m very happy so many app developers have chosen BSV.
CSW is major part of Satoshi group. (Incl Dave Kleiman). Only retards dont see it and noone cares if they dont see that. In the end, its their loss.
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Coming soon...
65 MB block mined with BSV. Largest ever. Cant wait for 128MB!
ABC is already too far gone. Avalanche, IMO, is going to slow them down. Bitcoin for the world? Dream on Roger!
replied · 187d
I've had better luck with (no KYC, no user account) since shapeshift went "legit".
how to troll the ABC-chain - have an extended multi-day stress-test, by creating ~50MB worth of TXs every 10 mins -> SV will eat all of it while ABC will fall over, accumulate a queue worthy of BTC; ABC-fees will moon
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Bitcoin Cash is no longer bitcoin.
These 10 years of failed projects in the crypto space has cemented my view that Satoshi was the best. BSV is coming at the best time
Roger thinks he's ahead in a sailboat race when actually there is a Great Wright Shark hunting him.
There is no split - send some BCH from one address to another and see what happens 87f69ae1b338f593a8fb7e344b6fd0560047775c9f4b3e01bc8eaa841a2f9482
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Note that these people are also supposedly anarchists...?
He said there would be no split, rather
He said there would be no split, rather
He said there would be no split, rather
He said there would be no split, rather
He said there would be no split, rather
He said there would be no split, rather
replied · 218d
Dude you're one of the few people on that even support ABC. Stop pretending like it's all over after 24 hours. Even are more neutral to SV oriented.
Looks like another stresstest is underway.
replied · 217d
Look at the pre-fork mempool. There are no users lol
replied · 218d
Ryan didn't say anything about getting sued as a direct threat from SV, he mentioned the cost of doing business on the ABC chain and working against patents held by nChain.
replied · 218d
Then, you have to follow how titles of posts gradually changed.
Finally, you have to watch the video again.

Then you will know the lie made out of what Ryan said.