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the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.


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I'll take that 64 and raise you another...

half way to the limit,
already :)
there is no split... this is just a temporary separation as the true BITCOIN is determined
Enjoy :)

Hear that?
It's the sound of bitcoin scaling :)
Ryan didn't say anything about getting sued as a direct threat from SV, he mentioned the cost of doing business on the ABC chain and working against patents held by nChain.
Then, you have to follow how titles of posts gradually changed.
Finally, you have to watch the video again.

Then you will know the lie made out of what Ryan said.
Just take it one sentence at a time. Slowly ;)
Bad paraphrasing makes a lie out of a truth.
Notice how it happened in two smooth steps.

#HigherIntelligence BCH $bitcoin SV
If SV were giving up they'd turn their miners off and quit wasting money. They're re-orging the ABC chain, 100% fact.
I was wrong, I didn't know that.

too busy with the shotgun to want to make a decision?
when building the software it was decided probably not a good idea (yet)?

Request came thru 1.28hrs before the test began
despite knowing at least 5 days prior that stresstest was happening.
@Tom is txstreet using ABC or SV node?
Who's ready? @cryptogrampa, are you oiling #SatoshisShotgun? Finger on the trigger 9 hours from now :) 15/Nov/2018 Teranode on the brink of second bailout for Bitcoin.

the commentary :)
Upgrade starts in 2.5 hours
and already the chatroom is entertaining.

Tune in to the livestream
Nov10 (pre) stress test report has been released

thanks to BrendanLee
Yesterday 284085-283216=869 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉5.4%
there will also be a @keyportTV livestream
Nov17 #StressTest

If they say spam attack I'm gonna have a freaking aneurism
24hours of higher intensity,

A report will be posted tomorrow.
Yes, all transactions originated from the stress test team.
Yes, like planting a tomato seed.
somebody wanted to keep the party going.

Next week,
we found the ceiling tonight,
next week we have 128mb to play with.

Then we party hard :)