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the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.


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I have a notification that I was tagged in this post - how?

And why?

I have ZERO interest in litecoin,

@memo How do I stop such notifications?
limited number of coins
utilised for maximum value.

Burning is the cheapest
most vulgar option.

#BitcoinCASH is greater than *just* the $$$
It breaks my heart to see Jose working so hard to feed Venezualans
people giving funds to support him/them

& others,
burning coins.

Yes people can do whatever they want
This has probably been suggested, but I'd love to see my wallet balance in sats displayed in the navbar!
posted · 1 day ago
I've added a services page to my site...simple drive traffic to your website right now...more services comming soon #bch #pixelwallet #brianxvmadearthistory
posted · 2 days ago

A wordpress plugin for the money button

Making it easy to spread electronic cash :)
boby thank you :)
I like the fact that bussinesses are added instantly, other directories take weeks.
I'll add Melbourne businesses :)
Check out my new Bitcoin Cash merchant directory at
It's still in beta, I'll be spending the next week populating with merchants. If anyone wants to help, feel free to sign up and go to town!
your opinion,
you did a great job with the stress test :)
Oh, very nice. I can't choose a name because I'm awful at merketing.
yes, will be.
Still being developed,

What would you call the app?
S/he hasn't decided on a name yet.
not functional yet
@korean_idiot on twitter is building an app
for these wallets:
it does if you're using chrome or firefox,
memo++ is an extension with a red mute button.

It's makes the memo experience much more pleasant :)
I really need Memo to have a mute function so I don't have to see anymore of -ED-'s drivel about Socialism.
ok, so you call what I call an upgrade, a fork,
What HF?
People from Germany here?
We organized a BCH meetup in Hamburg
from 2007:
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