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the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.


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Nov10 (pre) stress test report has been released

thanks to BrendanLee
Yesterday 284085-283216=869 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉5.4%
there will also be a @keyportTV livestream
Nov17 #StressTest

If they say spam attack I'm gonna have a freaking aneurism
replied to post by Tom
· 2 days ago
24hours of higher intensity,

A report will be posted tomorrow.
Yes, all transactions originated from the stress test team.
replied to post by BCH
· 2 days ago
Yes, like planting a tomato seed.
somebody wanted to keep the party going.

Next week,
we found the ceiling tonight,
next week we have 128mb to play with.

Then we party hard :)
let's see what the trolls have to bleat about now.
Oh you can find these arguments on memo today!
Damn I’m so freaking pumped right now!
Pop the champaign!!
txstreet performed well this time.
Great work Tom...

looks like it'll be a very busy street next week :)
Posted screenshot of our biggest 32 MB BCH block on Reddit.
PreTest starting now :)

@esthon's got his finger on #SatoshisShotgun :)
livestreaming on @keyportTV

tune in:
and don't forget mempool2.ratelmoney
Hey, sending 13,000,000 sats from txBlasterCollect to the txBlaster3 to be sent to the test right now!
Great idea, i've made contact with her on twitter :)

Keep bringing in the suggestions,
I'll follow them up if you don't :)
Do you let him know about it, or me?

Or both of us?
it's bitcoinBCH centric,
although he sounds great I'm not quite sure he'll fit for the theme.

Either way, he'd be great for :)
It's working again, post to memo broke while @esthon was fine tuning.
@keyportTV livestreaming

who would you like to listen to?

#hashwarBCH, bringing out the best in people

thanks @memo for considering end users :)