the ONchain experiment
to test how a system
that accounts for words
impacts human behaviour.

If at all.

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why do transactions drop? Scroll up and you'll see the txns reached almost 4,500... do you know why they don't stay at the peak?
watching the btc mempool fill up on is mesmerizing. bch is open for business.
Replying to Lurien
's post

I've heard people praise Kraftwerk before but I've never listened to them myself until very recently. Absolutely blows my mind that this kind of music was made 40 years ago.

timeless, visionaries :)
Replying to Hifrom_laura
's post

I just now saw something about it. It’s on GitHub so it is some kind of programming thing. Will have to wait for someone to tell me what to do 🤷‍♀️

it's a plug in for the electroncash wallet,
one that lets people shuffle coins :)
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's post

What is txblast?

@txblaster is an account here, this is what we were testing
reply to the account with a message (gets embedded ONchain)
'like' 1,000+ satoshi's, & it blasts txns.. watch on txstreet.
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's post

I was wondering the same thing.

we are talking about increasing the next test to 5x as big,
see what happens!
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's post

Where are you now?

that was coming out of the memo warehouse earlier today
a lot of people come out with "I like this", looks silly.
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's post

What are you talking about? This all I am seeing. Business as usual

then obviously, you missed it.
Earlier today I had to left arrow down to the 10th bus to see people.
When the first 9 buses filled there were no people from this view.
does anybody know what the ticks next to a handle mean?
I've seen up to 5 next to mine, can't work out why.
There doesn't seem to be any correlation to likes,
or tips.

Just curious.
Ayy what? If we can get 8mb blocks before the stress test even has begun, I can't wait to see he real thing. We're gonna be filling blocks!
@tom, @txblast-ing your site is extremely rewarding. Responses all came through today... it got crazy when buses started to fill (I think 10), difficult 2count back the exact number.
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's post

there will be more interactive games during the stress test,
a team is working behind the scenes to explore how to make
the experience fun.

@cryptogrampa *THANK YOU*

There's something a little weird happening with the test now,
once it's sorted I'll blast 50k on your behalf.
What message would you like to embed ONchain?
there will be more interactive games during the stress test,
a team is working behind the scenes to explore how to make
the experience fun.
Replying to cheaplightning
's post is fun to watch during stress testing!

did you see when the buses filled?
I counted back 10...
Bitcoincash is the only part of the equation that WON'T get stressed during this test,
it seems to be welcoming the challenge. is fun to watch during stress testing!
Let's get the party started, here comes the crowd again,
fill these buses :)
Replying to txblaster
's post


hhhmmm... will be able to handle an increase in traffic during stress test day?

@memo error message crops up almost every message when stress test transactions increase.
Any reason, suggestions?
Replying to TheWildCard
's post we're calling these the scatman spike, this one sponsored by MrG :)

ok, cool...
that looks like an invitation to play again :)))
I'm in.

Let's stress these systems.. !memo.. we've hardly started,
how will you cope when I invite a whole meetup to play?
woah... here comes my army
looks at all the people....

send a message to @txblaster get it embedded on chain
and like with 1,000 sats

create your own army :))
is there a link between memo "taking longer than expected"
and the stress test?

Three messages haven't gone thru.
Replying to txblaster
's post


who says bitcoin can't handle B I G blocks??
testing again.... txstreet is flooding with people :)
thanks to people that have been tipping me...
been a while since I've said that.

Where's the thank you button?

Imagine if the 'like' button were renamed to thank you.
how would that change things?
phew, needed some fresh air.

Don't go in there...

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