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6d · SOUR
🍋New ReadCash article up about the paper wallet and some insight into what inspired me to create it (as well as SOUR)!
10d · SOUR
Join us for the #BCHDay #ForkDay conference all day today, celebrating BCH's third birthday. SOURtoshi will be joining the SLP Panel at 3:30 PM EDT | 19:30 PM UTC | 12:30 PM PDT!
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congrats on listing
16d · SOUR
🍋 SOUR has been listed on the exchange! Head on over and start trading today with a SOUR/BCH pair.

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Thanks you for airdrop , love my sour
17d · SOUR
🌶 Spice airdrop to 🍋SOUR holders ENGAGED! Payout happens in batches of 50 tx so be patient!

- Airdrop stats -
Min: 200 SOUR @ 3PM EDT
Total addresses eligible: 467
Total payout: 20,105+ SPICE
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thanks for tourney , should be a good time
25d · SOUR
🍋World Series of SOUR is going down tomorrow 7/18 at 8:30 PM EDT. 50K sats BCH buyin
- Register today!
- 1M satoshis BCH & 1K SOUR prizes (worth over 8M BCH sats) split to top 3
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This is one of the best 2 hour discussion of visions & ideas from various BCH wallet devs. Absolutely delightful!


#BCH #wallet #BitcoinCash
38d · memo
Yesterday, there were
14167 txs on BCH chain, 327540 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=4.3%
927255-925937=1318 memo txs, 📉5.0% (compared w/ prev 1387), account for 9.3% of all BCH tx
Venezuelan selling banana ... accepts cryptocurrencies
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Thanks for tourney
Join us again tonight for 🍋SOUR SLP Saturdays! Free to enter poker tourney @ 8:30 PM EDT every Saturday. Top 5 win BCH & SOUR!
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