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A lot of work right, that is good since my life in changing a lot, thank you all for the help when I needed it.
198d · Music
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Awesome! SOmetimes I listen to the sounds for hours
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Check this one out!
210d · test
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217d · Black and Red Memes
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This one gives me Goosebumps untill nowadays, I love GB pokemon games.
217d · Black and Red Memes
Teenager music (was for me)
Yeah some hackers can hack anything, they probably work for various governments, so I think if you are going too use crypto currency, you should at least try too be a good person. Which is probably a good idea.
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Where? How? Instructions anywhere?
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Here on memo, BUt IDK how it works :/
Let's travel only listening to some music, use headphones:
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So, it's possible to create nfts here now? Nice
The upgrade took almost all my sats, less than 20k sats left herr, but its for better right?
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