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1890d · Religion
time for humanity to progress to civilization 2.0 and get done with religion already. No donations for Notre Dam. Donate to Africa or Cancer research
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highly doubt these metrics. It's 100000% sure that multiple people would have done it already. CSW has dozens of millionaires hating on him
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1956d · Politics
What do you guys think Bitcoiners consist of: majority of anarchists? majority of neo-liberals? majority of communists? what % is Christian? (I remember mining at Eligius lol)
"In response, Musk launched a scathing attack on the cave explorer on Twitter. On Sunday, he said in a *now-deleted series of tweets* that he would release video footage of the cylindrical." We need immutability folks
2183d · Satoshi Nakamoto
I got goosebumps reading the duality article of Probably a hoax but well written. What times to be alive
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They are calling us stupid HODLers. We held through 2011 and 2014. You can call us stupid.
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Two years ago I tried to make something similar.I pitched it to some VCs in US and they laughed.I pitched it to some journalists they laughed. History will laugh at them. We need to get politicians on board to commit
Sk8eM dUb
Hey everyone! Start posting local news! One thing *they* fear most is a decent record of history. BCH is an Alexandria that can't be burnt!