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If BSV was a legit coin, they wouldn't plant infiltrators into Bitcoin Unlimited and inside of Bitcoin Cash Community. Only nefarious actors win only by discrediting legit competitors (BCH).
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Thanks for the reminder... I created a ⛏CCO topic :)
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Here is 2.5 mil sats for your ⛏CC lost, please keep in mind you DID make a few of people happy with this mistake!:) lol.. but Vidteks is pissed though! lololol no more burning up ⛏CC!!! lol
When are you selling again?
🍺's to celebrate a awesome CCO dividend payout and to toast the dude behind it, vidteks.
Pc MS game pass a great deal has added Blair Witch....Nice
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Good morning dix... I may send a friendly challenge your way today if your up for it
Can you share your recent dividend transaction here?
"BTC can't scale because Moore's Law is dead"


...blatant bullshit from BTC Core yet again.
Next Airdrop, is slated for 9/22
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It looks like the MIS tokens up for sale that were canceled by the error were burned, was this fixed?
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