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replied · 49d
huh? I don't understand what you are trying to say here. English?
· 50d
CSW is a fraud little bitch. Now he has to prove he's not Satoshi.
replied · 62d
replied · 135d
WTF are you babbling on about? What does anonymous transactions have to do with Bitcoin (BCH)?
replied · 135d
Same place as the BTC and BSV whitepaper. Hint: They all have the same origin. And it was not written by CSW.
replied · 137d
replied · 138d
I like this truth a lot.
replied · 138d
replied · 152d
replied · 152d
We have "collaborated" with ourselves to copy an identity system onto our chain. We will enjoy identifying ourselves with this cool tech.
replied · 155d
Agreed, I hope to see @memo drop support for the SV scam and continue working on becoming an awesome BCH platform.
replied · 211d
Mow is a clown.
replied · 330d
Looks like it was 8 blocks. A few hours of SV transactions where just wiped out. Ironically this was one of CSW's threats to attack the BCH chain.
· 330d
Bitcoin SV chain just got re-orged: https://forkmonitor.cash/
replied · 330d
Sure, let me know your address and i'll send some over :)
replied · 330d
Yes, would you like some?
replied · 334d
Stop making up shit. This amount of blocks is normal giving the sudden major increase in hashpower on the ABC side, DAA will catch up shortly.
replied · 334d
Good stuff!
replied · 334d
What happens if I deposit BCH from the ABC chain? Memo won't be transacting on both chains.
· 334d
· 334d
· 334d
· 334d
To SV supporting fools:
replied · 334d
Oh, I didn't see it go to BTC go to zero. Nevertheless, the reporting system is bugged. Look right now, reporting negative hashrate...
replied · 334d
Where is the proof that Roger switched any contracts? Just because the pool's hashrate changed, doesn't mean peoples contracts were switched.