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· 11d
@MisterGore has accused me of being the number one spammer on Memo. I'm curious to hear your thoughts. I like my own post many times, putting my money where my mouth is, not spamming anyones feed. BCH = permissionless
· 11d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
· 11d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
Hitler on drugs forgets his ADD transactions are public. He claims no involvement in this scam but his address shows moving ADD tokens constantly since it was created.
· 11d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
The unaware buyers think they'll make profit from this, but do not realize the scammer (with all these beautiful new accounts) is minting new tokens for him/herself.
· 11d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
'Hitler on drugs' is one of the scammers. The BCH dividends paid to hodlers (~1 cent per day, 26 days for me, so ~30 cents total) comes from the unaware buyers of ADD.
· 11d · Scammer Reporting
Repeating this: Reddit user AddisCoin is NOT involved in this ADD scam. He simply got one of the ADD tokens in the release post by being the one of the first 3 to post.
· 16d
I am thankful for SLP tokens.
· 21d
I've made 20,000 actions on Memo. They are recorded permanently to the the blockchain. https://memo.cash/profiles/most-actions 💪💪
· 29d
Ready for the upgrade: https://cash.coin.dance/
· 37d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
Very cool. Where do the drops come from? Donations?
· 38d
· 40d
1 hour and 24 minutes since last block... What can we do to stop the miners from gaming the DAA?
· 44d
· 109d
CSW is a fraud little bitch. Now he has to prove he's not Satoshi.
· 389d
Bitcoin SV chain just got re-orged: https://forkmonitor.cash/
· 393d
· 393d
· 393d
· 393d
To SV supporting fools:
· 393d
· 393d
@BitcoinCashHoarder, where you at today bro? Whining in a dark corner somewhere?
· 393d
Bye SV, you were pretty annoying from the start.
· 393d
It's goodbye SV day! Hell yes!. Today will be a good day :)
· 395d
· 453d
Excellent work on the hashtag feature #memo team!