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here is where you can by the lambo when BCH goes to the moon

I think this is a brilliant idea
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Hey HONEY good morning! Lol
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Come play ! Lol I'm backstage... It's a boring show
I'm considering to buy the shittokentalk.org domain and redirect it to memo.cash. 🧐
Over $1 Billion in BTC Transferred to an Unknown Wallet
What if mt gox scam was by the same people behind USDT?......
Wowser, just spent ages and about 50k sat cleaning up my tokens (sending to bitcoineater)

Maybe a hide function on memo ? Just click on a token to have a option to hide it from your list of tokens ??
Libertarian Party in my country lost their libertarian vision in order to gain votes, so I've this idea to restart it but do it on BCH blockchan. Who wants to join me? Maybe we can spread this almm across the world
Mental illness does not literally exist. It might poetically exist as a metaphorical idea.
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i am hereby muted by beta male and communist, dixnorkel ! #memo #dailymemo #proud
could be nice, if we could link txs together on the BCH chain, so that you can write more than 200 something characters.
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#Tether #USDT #PricePrediction : Crypto ex-stablecoins will surge if USDT crashes ! No market crash! Maybe USDT won`t even crash, fiat not needed in stablecoins to retain 1-1 ! Market will decide this
🤘So cool to see this kind of spontanious thing happening. Like memeing functionality into existance, permissionless, you can now express your feelings on a post ! It's already there...

Forum is a joke, nothing but Craig Shills white knighting Norway who doxxed his friend Hodlonaut to Uncle Calbin. These idiots don't come up for air from a Craigster Dick Sucking session.
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I need this on a fancy perfume bottle:

#Rekt by Ryan Research

G'mornin folks. Chocolate chai tea for me, then off to work.
If BSV was a legit coin, they wouldn't plant infiltrators into Bitcoin Unlimited and inside of Bitcoin Cash Community. Only nefarious actors win only by discrediting legit competitors (BCH).