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The winner of the cryptowar ...will be who ever can unite blockchains for transactions
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click on the 😤 its pretty funny...
· 8h
Oh wow.... I just realized how malicious SLP tokens can be if the document URL attached to the coin has a virus...
Unusual Uther
· 8h
Sorry about that, my original post was ruined.
· 8h
I suppose an infected SLP token can do much harm to the community...i also gather a well powered SLP token can do much good...
· 3d · memo
If your product/service can only survive because you have to shove it in everyone's face then it probably isn't that good. Advertisements would be assholes in human form.
· 2d · memo
Deleted old tweets on twitter, linked my twitter account to memo.cash
Simon Van Gelder
· 2d · memo
Anyone interested in a Rainmeter skin for memo.cash?
· 2d · memo
The real question is.... Can you Mute a token? ... A token blaster if you will....
· 2d · memo
Muted activity is now removed from the everyone and new posts feeds
· 2d · memo
I doubt Joey "Trend" understands that a real trend is based on mass appeal & genuine interest, not artificial flooding of pathetic messages begging for attention. I doubt he's really an expert at all.
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BCH: 589118-584524=4594 memo txs. num of tx📉31.2%, account for 9.6% of all BCH txs(47942)
BSV: 808788-808625=163 memo txs. num of txs📉0.6%, (191245)
BTC: (314170), BCH/BTC=15.3%
· 9h · Memo
How does the double commenting thing get fixed?
· 9h · Memo
memo doesn't allow me to consolidate my inputs
· 12h · Memo
Is there some kind of bug with the wallet? All my tokens disappeared overnight and I can't tip with them. Still showing balances under the token markets though.
· 1d · memo
Can someone please tell me how to access the api or make a token exchange ticker from memo!
Simon Van Gelder
· 1d · memo
@joey - here's what I used: https://docs.rainmeter.net/tips/webparser-tutorial/ , but you'll have to find an SLP endpoint that you can parse w/ REGEX
· 1d · memo
What if we start a bounty to join memo on other crypto social media websites? There are a few more out there. Has memo every done much promo?
· 9h · Educational
Why is it so hard to recycle plastic?
· 11h
250 Rocket RKT🚀airdrop to anyone that replies to this message before 20th Oct
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