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Also - traditional banking is developing new instant mobile payment options, applepay, samsung pay. The average person can't see the usecase for crypto right now.
2015: Bitpay has 60.000 merchants - in theory they should also accept BCH now - if they haven't dropped it entirely
Nice - I like it !
Very good point
Buterin Disclosed Non-Ethereum Cryptocurrency Holdings in Reddit AMA
This is just a blatant lie.

Ver allows open discussion and keeps mod logs open.

Are you paid to smear or just mentally retarded?
There are issues if you have "3" as your provider. This has been reported to CoinText
Inherent high stakes.
Marduk beckons: "One FREE 10K SAT bet available for the brave." ~ https://marduk.io (BCH Roulette)
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Someone just won 1.44 BCH
I think the stack was like 150 high or so :)
Trollbox is a nice touch.
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Haha yeah!
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Welcome to Memo!
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Welcome to Memo!
In this post, I expose the colossal fraud that coinmarketcap.com and exchanges are perpetuating on the market They're artificially undervaluing all cryptos to manipulate user sentiment
This is what Craig CSW Wright meant when he said "He was going to destroy all other coins!"
44 is UK. Did coin text have to get a extra license or comply with Jersey specific rules? Coincidently, I've been told on Jersey sometimes you get a better phone signal from France!
Wikileaks calling out CSW's faketoshi scam again. Guns blazing style:
I'm bullish on entropy.
You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu): https://memo.cash/send
Will there be Cashaddr support anytime soon?
It is somewhere on Bitcoin.com