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CSW is an obvious con man at this point.
Yeah if you want to gov spy on your ass and having to use a permissioned centralized blockchain.
CSW wanted stability and miserably failed, just like anything else he says.
The first step to POS will be outsourcing txs validation, which alters the economic incentives of Bitcoin.
Me too, I don't know why.
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That sub is currently infested by trolls. Most of them seem to be BTC supporters. One hilarious observation: due to the bear market, their store of value narrative has changed.
#Roblox ICE CREAM SIMULATOR Gameplay! 4 New Codes! Location of all Marshmallows and Keys! https://chloetuberchannel.blogspot.com/2018/12/roblox-ice-cream-simulator-gameplay-4.html
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Welcome Ron!
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Liked by mistake. Not standard txs are fix for it. You will be able to add multiple OP_RETURN
"I have looked at CSW's papers, thesis, videos, and course material. I believe that he could not program an insertion sort in python if his life depended on it;
and I strongly suspect that he does not know even the basics of freshman level calculus, like limits and derivatives."
I'm interacting. Keyport.tv should definitely be added as embeddable here.
My coins have different addresses in the ABC and SV chain with the same ballance. It has to be safe now. I hope nobody can steal my coins now.
“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.” Karl Marx
There's no such thing as free speech or the right to defend yourself in an anarchy - only power. If you want no government whatsoever you want tyranny.
I love the irony of this quote because it describes the prequel Jedi precicely.

Truth - have a healthy relationship with your dark side. Fear is correct in certain situations.
Anger and HATE is appropriate when we're talking about child sex trafficking/enslaving people to deadly addictions/reckless deaths of our families and friends.
Again, the #fuckingcapitalists can't defend their position, they can only insult and malign their critics and lie.
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I speak the facts, you just declare absurdities. You seem to think your word is all that matters, but in reality people have to back up their claims. You never back up anything you say
We make arguments, you just insult people and say capitalists only insult
Instead of personally attacking people LightRider, you might actually try and make a point. You have never done that on Memo.Cash yet.
Seems capitalists fight climate change more than communists are able to.