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20 million txns in a day would definitely be recognized by investors. Plus BCH devs finding critical BTC bugs. That should make investors salivate for BCH.
@esthon why did the collect bot claim that I made multiple ~4000 sat tips? I only did one or two 666 sat tips...
It's now working to detect tips to txBlasterCollect and report to the topic txBlasterCollect. I'll add to accept tips from outside memo and also show the balance.
Now it shows the balance. When will be the next stress day?
Look, if you tip txBlaster2, it will execute immediately, to save for the next stress day, you have to tip txBlasterCollect.
Sorry @Fnuller15, fixing the airplane in the middle of the flight. It was an error, I was adding support to detect external sending of fund. Now it is OK.
Now it is detecting external transfers and showing the balance.
Now we need threshold to blast. I think 5 million. We need 11.5 BCH for this
I would suggest to do a mini stress on Oct 15th for like 2 or 3 hours to test the environment we have now and see how many tx we can do.
Until then, I will increase the VPS to be bigger than today and also add another node to have two.
I think I can cover the cost of VPS and other things just collecting the dust generated by the txs.
I’m passionate about this because 1) we already broke the record for on-chain txns & will con’t breaking. 2) we make BCH stronger by assessing system flaws. BUT...
I’m burning too much BCH so I want to make sure every test has enough impact
OK - we more or less have a plan: a ~2BCH test of the bot -- a metatest if you want. I'll set up a poll to see if we decide on Oct. 15 or Nov. 1.
when we have a date i'll announce among BU members and i expect we can come up with the money quickly.
We only have enough BCH collected for a 3 minutes test 0,239 would be 30 minutes but we only have 0,0249
We can think of a half hour test... Just to see if we yet have other bottle neck. Let's think.
@esthon TxBlasterCollect bot not registering last two tips or my external BCH transfer
Let me know if the posts correspond with the reality...
Sorry guys, bitbox had a problem 3 or 4 hours ago and I didn't perceived that the txBlaster bot was hanging. Now I reset the bot. I need to improve the heartbeat. I know what to do..
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· 28 minutes ago
Is a first infrastructure test now going to take place on the 15th?
What happens if we don't reach the collection goal until Nov?
It’s OK, we keep collecting till we get there.