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PhoenixCo - Blockchain dedicated Company ( Start-up )
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Phoenixco website :
Services : buy & sell XPHX , Staking and Saving for earning passive income backed by your XPHX or top cryptocurrencies.
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reddit giphy and imgur links work, and some others maybe.
how you guys post images and videos in memo ? i can't figure it out!
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Guys I officially launched PhoenixCo telegram channel in English.
There you can get trading signals,buy the dips, long term market analysis ,token announcements and etc ..
PhoenixCo telegram channel:
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Wow. Like that. Waiting for it to be listed and paired in cctip
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I am thinking that reducing the block time for BCH to 2.5 or 5 minutes would be helpful for those usecases where a single confirmation is need. Would also largely prevent these super slow blocks >1 hour.
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I will never sell some of my BCH, unless the price goes up a lot more.

By the way I did not buy (i.e., replace what I spent) at recent high prices like $700. I am buying bitcoin cash
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Diamond hands? :-D
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14d · bch speculation
Hold on guys, no need to panic sell.
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BCH finally <1% of a BTC .. Pop the champagne!
I'm glad to announce official PhoenixCo lite paper ver2.0 and token economics details will release in the incoming weeks.
You can participate as an early investor in the PhoenixCo by buying XPHX.
XPHX (PhoenixCo Token) is officially verified in the BCH Blockchain and wallets.

Token ID :
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