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It's a free speech platform so I take the view that members can rate as they wish.

If a member is doing a bad job of rating others, the feedback mechanism is to rate them accordingly.
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| differences and misunderstandings where they arise.
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| and we'll see how it goes.

If it were me, and I cared about the rater's opinion, I'd reach out for an explanation - ratings can be changed - I would hope that people could resolve
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I tend to reserve 1/5 ratings for imposters or very destructive accounts. However, it's a free speech platform, so members get to rate as they see fit. The whole thing is an experiment
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I'm sorry to hear that Georg. You know there is an option now to only show BCH content? Were there other changes you didn't like? Would you elaborate?
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Yes, this is about giving people better tools to establish who is worthy of trust.
The video of Dr. Pierre Kory that was just removed by YouTube.
10 years from now, you'll get all your information from trusted individuals, not trusted institutions.

Institutions are being disintermediated.
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Nice! nb. Try a shift+reload and some of those grey circles should get filled in.
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They are!
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You'll find the trust graph under the reputation tab on a member's profile page.
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| to vouch for each other. Trust graphs also improve with use - the better the information you supply, the better the information the trust graph will give you and your contacts.
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| comment.

Trust graphs are a great tool for decentralizing verification on social media - no longer do we have to rely on a Twitter style verification service - we can instead choose
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| star ratings. Not shown in this graph are 1 star ratings which are thick bright red arrows.

You can also mouse-over the pics and arrows to see if the rating was accompanied by a
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| arrows are 'follows' relationships which are interpreted as 3 star ratings. My direct rating is a medium blue arrow, which is a 4 star rating. The pale red ratings are 'mute' or 2
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| the ratings of those members. Again, the thicker and darker the blue arrow, the greater the trust rating. The thick dark blue arrows represent 5 star ratings, the pale blue narrow
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Your trusted members have a blue circle - the darker and thicker the circle, the more trusted. Your more trusted members appear towards the top of the graph. The arrows represent
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Twatter is a controversial member I've chosen to show the range of the information that is conveyed.

The trust graph shows your top 15 rated members rating of the member in question.
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The web of trust has had a major upgrade.

The graph above is an example of the web of trust graph between me, FreeTrade, and TheLegendaryTwatter
These Professors of Biology are painfully careful about choosing their words.

They say the coverup of #ivermectin for covid19 may be the crime of the century.

replied 63d reads content and identites from both the BCH and BCLT chains - it may read other chains in the future.
Right now, it only writes to the BCH chain.
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:) but that's the real zquestz on the BitClout network that I see?
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You might have some cached files - try opening in an incognito window to confirm what it looks like from fresh.
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Looks messed up - you've probably got some cached files or try changing the theme you're using - open in an incognito window to confirm what it looks like from fresh.