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Soft launch of awesome new feature - turn any RSS feed into a account that you can follow, rate and comment on.

Follow your favorite

New Pinned Post action in #Member

Find it in the hamburger menu below any of your posts.

See your pinned post on your profile page. We'll select your mist popular post if you don't h
What's the 'Pin token post' action in #memo?

I'm looking to implement a regular pin post action, to pin posts to your profile, and wondering if I should re-use this action, or create
I tried out recently for promotion. It's low cost and super easy to use.
by @jasondevlin
The video of Dr. Pierre Kory that was just removed by YouTube.
10 years from now, you'll get all your information from trusted individuals, not trusted institutions.

Institutions are being disintermediated.
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The web of trust has had a major upgrade.

The graph above is an example of the web of trust graph between me, FreeTrade, and TheLegendaryTwatter
These Professors of Biology are painfully careful about choosing their words.

They say the coverup of #ivermectin for covid19 may be the crime of the century.

Hotly requested new feature!

See only content from the BCH network!
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New interface to just went live -

Cheat sheet for talking to laser-eyed bitcoiners.
PSA: The metadata for your private messages on BitClout is public.

That means the sender, recipient, time and size of your messages can be seen by anyone.
I wonder if #BitClout is Twitter's @bluesky initiative incognito?

BitClout is exactly how I would have built bluesky - and Twitter has nothing to show for the 1 year old initiative that promised to disrupt Twitter.
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All BitClout content is now live on Member!
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@lugaxker - could you point me to the latest version of your Bitcoin forks diagram? There's a new one that been put out that is very misleading.
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Great news! Improvements to SQLite will help to make Member's desktop version more efficient. In particular the math functions and RETURNING clause should help.
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Hey, did you know there's a shorter link to your profile on Member?
The format is . . .
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All complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked.
- Gall's Law

This is why #Bitcoin Cash works and Lightning never will.
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Recent reports of Memo accounts being drained.
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@lugaxker - just saw your question on reddit - currently member code to make transactions is not in an easy to use library, but it should be fairly easy to separate in a library.
Sausages and Tethers.

Don't ask how they're made.
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I've switched hosting over to DigitalOcean - let me know if you see any differences, for good or ill when using
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For confidence in a fair and global conversation, participants need their statements recorded on an open and immutable ledger.

Without that, Twitter will forever be open to accusations of interference.
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The best time to start using an uncensorable social media platform is before others want to censor your speech.