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Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Unfortunately, some people have the opinion that we should be subjugated tax slaves to an authoritarian government.
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You can turn it off in Settings now.
30d · bitcoin cash
Today's mantra: #BitcoinCash embodies all those qualities a #Bitcoin should be. Therefore, BCH is the real one! Period! Louder pls!
New member interface is NICE. Also glad to mute anything other then BCH.
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That worked!
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Totally understandable. I didn't know if this would affect functionality or not. But thanks for the update.
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Good thing I run my own instance and don't see any of it.
42d · bitcoin cash
BCH/BTC ratio greater than 0.025.
Next target 0.03
43d · flipstarter
BitcoinBCH - YouTube’s #1 Bitcoin Cash Video - 16.05 / 30 BCH
Bitcoin market dominance is down at 45%. Better start getting used to the idea of a world where Bitcoin isn't the king of crypto anymore. You're actually living in it now.
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I see "show BitClout images" in settings only. I can't hidden BitClout posts.
46d · bitcoin cash
We Must Regain Control of the Narrative
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Also had a girlfriend like that once.
Past tense.
50d · Bitcoin Cash
"I wonder how big the drop in number of transactions per day on Bitcoin Cash network will be tomorrow due to the "Minimum payout" update on"
51d · Memo Suggestions
Memo should go after influences to use the platform.
How tiring must it really be to handle the Bitcoin Cash network? Multiple people are building on it, multiple protocols, a few stubborn people still thinking Legacy is better than CashAddr, but it is home.
Unless I find a way to remove all these BitClout posts, I'm moving to another wallet and Memo. Damn it, why did you add this @freetrade
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Kinda goes against the whole keeping private keys private. Backwards of how it is supposed to work
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Including the size of the message is a security risk, it makes it far easyer to decrypt compared to a null-terminated message with unknown length (with additional random tailing data)