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230d seems down for me (error 500)

Good that Memo is a protocol, and Member provides another access to this medium.
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‘Bitcoin Cash, the non-custodial bitcoin’. Lead with this. Make the debate about *custodiality*. Non-custodial BTC, ETH suck, so difficult to counter by example.
Next Governor of California
Since jack dorsey has failed at being a human being I am saying hello to the world using so I can exercise my human and constitutional right to Free Speech.
The BTC narrative seems to be shifting from Lightning to Custodial. #FractionalReserveBitcoin
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Unfortunately, some people have the opinion that we should be subjugated tax slaves to an authoritarian government.
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You can turn it off in Settings now.
363d · bitcoin cash
Today's mantra: #BitcoinCash embodies all those qualities a #Bitcoin should be. Therefore, BCH is the real one! Period! Louder pls!
New member interface is NICE. Also glad to mute anything other then BCH.
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That worked!
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Totally understandable. I didn't know if this would affect functionality or not. But thanks for the update.