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21d · site status
Memo is very slow. I use member, so everything is fast, but when I want to buy or sell token, it disturbs.
replied 20d
You having problems with the Member App on mobile?
21d · site status
There have been some reports of transactions not propagating. The issue looks to be resolved but I am investigating root cause.
replied 22d
You could embed the whole intent. txt using a Memorandum :) might simplify things.
23d · member
Download Member Desktop so that we can keep talking even if all Memo protocol websites are taken offline -
23d · coronavirus
replied 24d
This race was in memory of a old friend of mine who passed away due to cancer. I have received between 600k/700k says in tips during the race so I will give a equivalent amount of fiat
replied 24d
This is crazy, just the type of solution I would love to see in the world. Like everyone can create their own community with opinionated moderation. Users are free to choose
replied 24d
restriction on who can moderate, and every one is free to ignore them.
replied 24d
:) previously the UI only allowed members to volunteer to mod topics. Now members can volunteer to mod site wide.

Moderating is not a position, its more a function. There is no
replied 24d
There are no mod positions. You can volunteer to mod, and Members can apply filters voluntary.
24d · member
You can now volunteer to be a site wide moderator - (Choose All Topics)
You can appoint a site wide moderator - this is now called 'apply filter'.
replied 24d
It may be most often called a subsidy by holders who don't mine, but I could be wrong.
I think they might do that to displace the thought of paying a tax at that particular time.
replied 24d
although i guess it raises the hackles of libertarian miners who don't like to think of themselves as being subsidized.
replied 24d
I agree this inflation is a tax on holders, but when it is paid out, it is something else - call it a subsidy, reward, allowance, grant. Subsidy i think is most technically accurate,
replied 24d
working. Miners do work and provide a service. Ideally we want them to be paid entirely out of transaction fees, but we subsidize this work through inflation until that is possible.
replied 24d
Working for something and it being a subsidy are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, I think it is usually the case. Farmers are often subsidized - no-one would argue that farmers aren't
replied 24d
still have them provide security using transaction fees. For development, it is probably more accurate to call it a grant.
replied 24d
how the money is raised - it is raised through inflation.

Then look at how it is spent - for miners it is accurate to call it a subsidy, because we expect to wean miners
off it and
replied 24d
allowance, bonus, grant and even dole

To accurately describe raising and distributing money, you take one from the first column, and one from the second column.

So we must look at
replied 24d
tariff, excise, donation, contribution, tribute, tithe, charge, fee, dues

Then there are words we use when talking about how to distribute that money
subsidy, reward, gift, aid,
replied 24d
Lol. Maybe your autocorrect is onto something. Dole might be more accurate linguistically.

There are words we use when talking about how to raise money -
tax, inflation, toll, levy,
24d · bitcoin
Thing about the Miner's Tax - it's not paid by miners, neither is it a tax.