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Just pushed v2 through to the live site.
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Maybe the market isn't dumb but just dictated by the size of each community. There really isn't a whole lot of institutional investors to help put cryptos in the proper order.
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If anyone notices tokens missing from their profile please let me know. There have been a few reports recently, trying to get to the bottom of it.
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Yes - since spin-offs (hardforks / airdrops) can happen permissionlessly and at any time, and in large numbers (see 2017-2018 on BTC), holders should never be *forced* to act on them.
· 2d · Airdrops
Both forks and airdrops are most similar to corporate tax-free spin offs.
Should be treated as such.
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You can login in with a public key in read only mode until you're more comfortable with it.
Try out v2 above, for the latest dev version.
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pyramid table, and BCH top of the technology table.
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p looks small now because it is standing beside the huge BCH, XRP pyramids. But if you separated each market cap out into 'pyramid' and 'technology' components, BTC would be top of the
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ect is very large, it drowns out the technology aspect, and so the price, and price movements tell you very little about the health of a coin's technology and ecosystem.

BCH market ca
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e main part of its value. A good long term investor needs to tease out what part of the value is down to the pyramid scheme, and what part is down to the technology. If the pyramid asp
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I used to think so too. Now I think the market is dumb as a box of rocks, and way behind. It values the 'pyramid/greater fool availability' of a coin. For some coins, the pyramid is th
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“The reasonable node adapts itself to the network: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the network to itself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable node.” - G.B. Satoshi
· 2d Mentioned Memo and Member here, got downvoted. Typical /r/cryptocurrency
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Thanks Georg. Glad you're back, Memo wasn't the same without you
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it is quite snappy
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"We have luxury and avarice, public want, private opulence."
- Cato's description of Rome in the latter days of the republic.
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dming you on telegram
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I have no clue why I read all of this but now I'm mad that you didn't finish lol
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inconsequential it seems.
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ttings page
9 Set max satoshis per byte for use during mempool flooding
10 All code now runs in 'strict' mode

Help me out! Test it and report any bugs or weird behavior, no matter how
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ansactions sent direct to the Member server
6 Content Security Policy for better security
7 Better selection of top posts and comments
8 One click tipping - choose the amount on the se
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er Topic handling, with drop down selection of topic.
2 Up/Down votes are colored green now to indicate previous votes.
3 Much faster loading
4 Refresh button for faster refreshes
5 Tr