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30d · bitcoin cash
Today's mantra: #BitcoinCash embodies all those qualities a #Bitcoin should be. Therefore, BCH is the real one! Period! Louder pls!
New member interface is NICE. Also glad to mute anything other then BCH.
replied 30d
:) but that's the real zquestz on the BitClout network that I see?
replied 30d
That worked!
replied 30d
You might have some cached files - try opening in an incognito window to confirm what it looks like from fresh.
replied 30d
Looks messed up - you've probably got some cached files or try changing the theme you're using - open in an incognito window to confirm what it looks like from fresh.
replied 30d
Welcome to the BitClout!

Now imagine indexing social media content from multiple blockchains - that's what we're doing at - all BitClout content included.
replied 30d
Oh, i guess you meant the new feature - that doesnt change the size limit for a single trx - so you can only have multiple small op_rets in the trx
replied 30d
Yes, does this
replied 31d
Your post was remembered in tag Member
Hotly requested new feature!

See only content from the BCH network!
31d · Member
New interface to just went live -

Cheat sheet for talking to laser-eyed bitcoiners.
replied 34d
Totally understandable. I didn't know if this would affect functionality or not. But thanks for the update.
replied 34d
I'd like to, but it's not my top priority. The old software should continue to run fine, and if you want to upgrade the node in place, that should work too.
replied 37d
Good thing I run my own instance and don't see any of it.
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42d · bitcoin cash
BCH/BTC ratio greater than 0.025.
Next target 0.03
43d · flipstarter
BitcoinBCH - YouTube’s #1 Bitcoin Cash Video - 16.05 / 30 BCH
Bitcoin market dominance is down at 45%. Better start getting used to the idea of a world where Bitcoin isn't the king of crypto anymore. You're actually living in it now.
replied 45d
Like Memo, it's an open database of content, that's something I like about it.