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replied 39m
Hmmm, you sure you're on 4.4.10?
replied 3h
Still having problems with "new" getting stuck and displaying old posts my dude, something for you to look at on Monday, untill then enjoy the rest of the weekend, they over to quick!!
replied 56m
No t rex available in this round I'm afraid dude, the remaining available fighters are, 🦁🐼🐭🦊🐮🐷
13h · Golden Nugget
Did you know that every day I pick a winner of The Golden Nugget ($10) for the best post on Well, now you know 😉
replied 1h
🦖 T-Rex plz
2h · Golden Nugget
Congratulations to.. 🥁DRUM ROLL🥁 EVERYONE! Since nobody won today's Golden Nugget, the prize money will rollover to tomorrow. We'll call it Golden Golden Nugget ($20) Happy posting, folks!
replied 3h
I dont think I got any K9s thus week. I had a pair of nines that held up marvellously though.
replied 4h
Jack sh!t better than a flat tire! :P

How did playing K9o go this week?
replied 3h
Enjoy the moment, rest up. Tomorrow won't run away 😉
replied 3h
I asked emergent_reasons and others about that, and they also said it was real.

I just found it strange that there was no mention of it on her Twitter, Youtube, etc. And then I
6h · Member
Kind of excited for the weekend to be over..... so I can get back to working on!
8h · life hacks
old washing machine drum makes an excellent fire pit
replied 2d
You should publish on too
6h · Member
Save one life you're a hero, save a hundred lives then you're a nurse..
You don't know how powerful you're or what you can do until you'd been in a scary place..
1d · flipstarter
Collin Enstad's documentary ("Breaking Bitcoin") is 88% funded!
replied 15h
Yes, I just confirmed with Naomi on twitter pm.
replied 22h
Is this campaign legit? @naomibrockwell
We were warned about ABC/Amaury two years ago. Unwriter predicted the future.
replied 16h
Ok look for v4. 4.10 now, that should fix things up
16h · member
If you're seeing old content on, try refreshing until you get version v4.4.10 or better.
20h · test
Separation anxiety is what happens when you can't find your phone.
replied 17h
You'll see it when you scroll to the bottom of any page, on the right hand side.