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Interesting point that people will choose Bitcoin because its the only crypto they've heard of, and they'll choose the cash flavor because its the one that works best.
I had the pleasure of chatting with Marc De Mesel about Bitcoin Cash and the Read.Cash blogging platform.

Glad to see Jordan Peterson is doing better.
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I like the bunker hypothesis, that the great pyramid was built as a bunker to allow a small elite to survive a global flood with human knowledge intact.
The intriguing thing is if the pyramids were meant for something profound, what exactly that could be & how we can use that today.

(Yes, I made an entire post inside of a GIF. )
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5d · donald trump rapes and murders children will, from this day forward, be banning this topic. Nah. Only kidding. Carry on, lunatics.
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12d · Blueleaks
Twitter is banning links to

Looks like website was taken out too.

I wonder whats going on.
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A web-of-trust reputation system is self healing. If you have even two honest participants, it incentivizes honesty in those connected to them.
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Michael Moore Presents - Planet of the Humans (2020)
If wBTC becomes the preferred transfer method for BTC, there won't be any $50 trx fees to secure the chain. BTC will require inflation.

Blockstream broke everything when they hijacked BTC.
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ABC are a symptom of the problem.
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I'm still learning about this, but that is not my reading. It looks to me like BCHN are trying to change ABC's 'reference implementation' attitude, a change that is much needed.
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ABC are working for the miners.