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20h · flipstarter
BitcoinBCH - YouTube’s #1 Bitcoin Cash Video - 16.05 / 30 BCH
Bitcoin market dominance is down at 45%. Better start getting used to the idea of a world where Bitcoin isn't the king of crypto anymore. You're actually living in it now.
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Like Memo, it's an open database of content, that's something I like about it.
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there are some very scammy parts to it. Some very interesting parts too. it's a mixed bag
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| though. ;)
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I think that requirement is gone now - that was an annoying requirement.
If you want to try again, I can send you some funds to get you started. I'm not sure it'll be your cup of tea
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I see "show BitClout images" in settings only. I can't hidden BitClout posts.
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| helps to scale Member by importing large volumes of content. I've made several performance improvements already. You'll see this improves Member after the integration is complete.
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I understand the antipathy towards the BitClout content, I really do, and I hope to have a way to filter it for you soon.
However, it is very useful to have this content - it really
4d · bitcoin cash
We Must Regain Control of the Narrative
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| which posts are from which networks.
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| little BCH airdrop. I'm not sure I'd recommend that at the moment, because they have no way of knowing it is there until they log into Member. I'm working on ways to distinguish
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| LTC or DASH or Tenebrix or BitClout - the same private key allows you access to funds sent to your public keys on any network.

If you tip a BitClout user on Member, you give them a
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So each BitClout user has a seed phrase. That is used to generate a private key and a public key. The public key is used to generate an address for any network - that could be BCH, or
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Just use lightning!

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Your post was remembered
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Also had a girlfriend like that once.
Past tense.
8d · Bitcoin Cash
"I wonder how big the drop in number of transactions per day on Bitcoin Cash network will be tomorrow due to the "Minimum payout" update on"
8d · Memo Suggestions
Memo should go after influences to use the platform.
How tiring must it really be to handle the Bitcoin Cash network? Multiple people are building on it, multiple protocols, a few stubborn people still thinking Legacy is better than CashAddr, but it is home.
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