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...and remember:
depositing more funds in your custodial wallet
is like loading more ammo hoping the game will last longer.
KYC is playing Russian Roulette with your data.

You have no idea the competence or capability financial institutions have in keeping your data private.

You're pulling the trigger every time you play the KYC game.
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Seems like a complete mess of different estimates through the years, with the current estimate - 548 +88/−49 ly
replied 1d
They just discovered that betelgeuse is closer than they thought.
replied 1d
| distance of stars accurately - but without that data, I can't conclude if there is anything in this or not.
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| error, it's difficult to say whether the stones accurately represent the star distances, because there is no accuracy to begin with. I had assumed modern astronomy could tell the
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| 10%).

It looks like Brophy took Vega as his reference (Vega's distance/speed is accurately known) and calculated the others based on this measurement.

With the large margins of
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I guess we have better measurements on the star distances than we did when the book was published (2002) - however even the estimated distances still have large margins of error (+/-
1d · nabtaplaya

Reading 'The Origin Map' today - it has this table of star distances. I cross checked the distances on Wikipedia and there are large differences.
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Is it me or does it look like a pretty weak "debunking" (becoming increasingly wary of that term anyway) ?
replied 3d
Not exactly, demurrage is a flat percentage, but a utxo maintenance fee would disproportionately affect small utxos.
replied 3d
| BTC maxis wont like this, but i suspect they'll prefer it to inflation, which is their other long term option.
replied 3d
| idea a little better because it aligns the cost of utxo maintenance with the value of it. As it is now, miners bear all the cost of a large utxo set, while holders get all the value.
replied 3d
Along the same lines, a softfork that I think we may see BTC adopt in the future are UTXO maintenance fees. This would reduce the input value of a utxo based on its age. I like this
replied 3d
Hypothetically, change address is *usually* one of the input addresses(?). So if at least one miner ‘enforcers’, it becomes desirable for priority txs.
replied 3d
No idea. The post is not an endorsement btw, i post every FS i see here
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| record' would be consistent with contact with 'extra-galactic aliens'! I think that statement might be a bit tongue in cheek!
replied 3d
| and the speeds the stars are moving at. That would seem to be the most spectacular claim, so I wonder why this article doesn't touch on that.

Also not sure what 'archaeological
replied 3d
| with extra-galactic aliens are inconsistent with the archaeological record.

This report doesn't seem to touch on the claims that the stones accurately measure the distance of stars
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| proposes that the stones of the cromlech represent maps of the start of Orion as early as 16500 BC. These extremely early dates as well as the proposition that the nomads had contact
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>Brophy has also suggested that the table rock of Complex Structure A is a map of the Milky Way galaxy dating from 17500 BC showing spiral arms and a neighbouring dwarf galaxy. He
3d · nabtaplaya

I think this might be the 'debunking' article. From 2007.
replied 3d
| users would switch that option off, and so you'd have a freerider problem.
replied 3d
Scratch that - I replied too fast! Your suggestion is basically to have an option in wallet software for users to send extra funds to miners to support the network. I fear that many