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Pub quiz night questions

Remember to reply with your answer to the comment with that question
First correct reply wins.

Get ready, here they come..........
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Dr no
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Memo pub quiz night.

Got a Idea, tonight at 7 a pub quiz, 5 questions, first to reply to with correct answer wins a 🍺.

Who wants to play ?

7pm GMT ( around 4 1/2 hours from now)
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Self-hosted member works very well. You can also save it locally on your hard disk and run it.
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No revenue, but acquire MEMBER Tokens if u want to donate.
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That's right. No ads on
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I totally removed Safari support for Signup. Wasted many days to make the new fantasy ITP Storage Access to work. It's totally out of sync with how other browsers work
Progressive Web Apps on the open web are an attack on Apple's App Store.

Apple is fighting back -
3d will hopefully be easier to adapt to as time progresses.
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I dont know, bit outside my area of expertise.
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First time poster, long time lurker. I like the idea. I want to try and support more.
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Thank you for all the development you do! with patience, we can grow Member app into a thriving Reddit alternative!!!!!!!! domain can help this site to have great branding!
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Actually Member does not recognize name changes - names are treated as handles.
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It may be a small step, but in my Twitter profile I link to my member profile.
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No, it may use a different action code that Member doesn't parse for yet.
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Member is now - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
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I like Member. I am using it more and more. I hope you keep up the spirit. I think decentralized SoMe have never been more important than now. Look at what governments are doing. This
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Thanks for all that you're doing, this is the kind of things we need moving forward as we decentralize the world! :)
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To be clear, I was talking about empowering small businesses through the means of social network. For example giving platform to the freelancers of the small gigs, indie musicians and
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🐿️ Nature's Hodler
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Many thanks to @davidshares who just acquired and redirected it. It's a very generous act and we'll be integrating it properly over the next few days.
I'm happy to inform you that I published the full source code of Signup Core library including the key signer and client side runtime.
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My opinion is still that even getting the whole BCH community inside member is not helping much. To make it appeal to no coiners we need monetization functionalities more than tips.
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Hey, thanks for your efforts. I've tried to promote these platforms but the UX is so bad that it's impossible to bootstrap these sites in my view.

The fix would be establishing proper