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Thanks, looks like these are 'gallery' images - I'll need to look into how to parse for those.
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Memo - member comparison

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Thanks. @Freetrade

Consider moving ratings to a separate page.
Unusual Uther
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I predict I will be there in the future.
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It works very well. Member is getting better and better.
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Everyone howl that BTC fell below $8000 and I care about these charts:


· 1d · Member Dev version contains experimental support for embedded YouTube and Imgur
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That really depends on workload and SQL features you use. For web software which is accessed by many users at the same time I'd probably stay with MySQL. I think SQLite still has
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Thanks - would you recommend replacing MySQL for SQLite on the website side of things too?
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Ok, sounds like subreddit = channel = topic - Member's plan is to have same level of granularity - and also maybe a site-wide moderation option too.
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Thanks, got those unstuck. Let me know if you see it again please!
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How do I know it's over for BTC? Because even the most devoted maximalists are abandoning ship:
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Coin Stealer Found in Monero Linux Binaries From Official Site
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Yes, they did get stuck. Thanks. I'll have to look into that.
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Ah. But still, in the long comment above, the additional reply starts with "One thing I forgot:" and it's inserted before the last original part, not appended. At least that's how it
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What is a channel on Raddi? Topics are analagous to subreddits on Member.
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Go with SQLite, it's awesome. Unless you heavily rely on query optimizer/planner magic then there's nothing faster for local storage. I'm using SQLite for all the various things the
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Yes, the reliability and resilience of existing network is very strong argument. But multiple reasons, security/privacy concerns, e.g. that p2p communication isn't encrypted, pushed me
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It's an occupational disease, outside of this I'm a programmer of high-performance server-side industrial and such software, so it shows. The downside is that such software takes much
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Lightning Network is in its death throes.
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Memo feels like the worlds best blockchain bar! Cheers!!!!🍺