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replied · 53m
ith a lot of capacity, you need to pay for a lot more transactions to DOS the BCH network if it is operating at a higher capacity.

More transactions on BCH? I say, 'Bring it on'.
replied · 54m
twork to build and generate its immune response.

4. It's harder to do a DOS attack if we are operating at a larger capacity. Like you need a bigger bot army to DDOS a web server w
replied · 54m
ome ever more hostile as it grows. If it can't handle 'spam' from users who are trying to use the network, it won't handle attacks trying to bring it down. Increased usage helps the ne
replied · 54m
le to measure capacity, and that means we'll get more capacity.

3. We don't want to coddle the network too much - it has got to operate in an environment that we can expect to bec
replied · 54m
e to measure what the current capacity is. At the moment we really don't know. And that means we don't know if it is going up or even down. If we operate close to capacity, we'll be ab
replied · 54m
ntation to set the default maximum at 2MB - what story does that tell?

2. There's an old adage - "You get what you measure". If we want higher capacity on BCH, we've got to be abl
replied · 55m
lly processing large numbers of transactions on chain. What undermines that story is complaining about spam, setting cautious limits and particularly for the de facto reference impleme
replied · 55m
ck crypto, that we can scale, that we can handle the the world's cash transactions on-chain. We can tell that story, but it hits home if we're actually walking the walk, if we're actua
replied · 55m
I have been calling for more transactions, bigger ops, bigger blocks, higher defaults, and more stress on the network. I'll explain why.

1. The BCH story is that we're the big blo
Bring It On
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When compared to Multi $Billion social media like FB&Twitter it is phenomenal what Memo has done in such a short amount of time & budget...World changing tech imo
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Love it! Keep the BCH party rolling. Every little advancement gets me a little more excited. Hopefully this is what adoption and utility feels like
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reply merging test
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The next update is increasing this to 50
replied · 1d
I've always been a fan of the geolocation tagging. Seems like a pre-cursor to on-chain Yelp.
replied · 1d
Hey great! Maybe you could read those actions and include them in feeds with a link to the Member map? I could rustle up a link format that open the map automatically.
Deryk Makgill is well worth listening to - audio gets fixed after a few minutes -
If I understand correctly, everyone agrees it would be a good thing to increase the number of chained transactions allowed on BCH (from 25) but that ABC software cannot handle a higher number yet.