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bought 100 BTCMYK for 180,000 satoshis (1,800 each) from 107d
bought 10 SOUR for 150,000 satoshis (15,000 each) from 157d
replied 184d
Cell Phone Replacement
Healthy snack foods (ex. fruits)
COVID-19 Prescription Antibiotic
75,000,000 SATS needed. I'll never make it :(
sent · 2,000 sats 185d
Keep safe always your baby is cute
sent · 2,000 sats 185d
Stay safe
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good morning. day6 of being hospitalized with covid-19 & struggling to afford cell phone replacement & uncovered medical needs (medicaid copays 13%). if u can help, any tips are appreciated. also have tokens 4 sale.
replied 186d
desperately in need of 75,000,000 more SATS for everything needed when it comes down to food, phone & medical expenses. Georg has helped so much<3 but still more needed.
In need of 75,000,000 more SATS to pay for phone & supplies. Anything is appreciated & cherished. God bless all suffering & all helping.
I'm running low on memo funds => no more large tips. Stay safe.
running out of BCH for gas so i can't reply or post after this but I'll be checking up still when i can(no phone), just silently. will also be praying someone is able to help me & whoever else may need it as well.
replied 186d
well actually anyone who is able to help, for that matter. Lord knows I need it.
replied 186d
If you have a few satoshis to give, Il be happy to get some, and please stay, anyway to get contact with you ? You ara a Nice person
I’m preparing a 5 USD donation to cashfusion. Anybody care to match 2500000 sats for the coffers?
if Georg or Unusual Tether are even slightly able to help me in all this, i think i will owe my life to them. I would be forever grateful cause this is the hardest time of my life mentally, physically & emotionally.
sent · 200,000 sats 186d
The Zemus handle will be deleted now, please don’t send any sats here as I don’t have the keys to recover.

Memo has been subject to hostile takeover this evening and I refuse aid communism
i wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy.
i can only hope & pray or the best to come. not only for me but for all those suffering something during these times.
sent · 220,000 sats 186d
Give these out if people ask, or not.
sent · 2,000,000 sats 186d
Remember cashfusion
let go & let God.
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Unusual Uther
yes, plz. check my profile for a little summary of my situation.