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Cell Phone Replacement
Healthy snack foods (ex. fruits)
COVID-19 Prescription Antibiotic
75,000,000 SATS needed. I'll never make it :(
sent · 2,000 sats 12d
Keep safe always your baby is cute
sent · 2,000 sats 12d
Stay safe
good morning. day6 of being hospitalized with covid-19 & struggling to afford cell phone replacement & uncovered medical needs (medicaid copays 13%). if u can help, any tips are appreciated. also have tokens 4 sale.
replied 13d
desperately in need of 75,000,000 more SATS for everything needed when it comes down to food, phone & medical expenses. Georg has helped so much<3 but still more needed.
In need of 75,000,000 more SATS to pay for phone & supplies. Anything is appreciated & cherished. God bless all suffering & all helping.
I'm running low on memo funds => no more large tips. Stay safe.
running out of BCH for gas so i can't reply or post after this but I'll be checking up still when i can(no phone), just silently. will also be praying someone is able to help me & whoever else may need it as well.
replied 13d
well actually anyone who is able to help, for that matter. Lord knows I need it.
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If you have a few satoshis to give, Il be happy to get some, and please stay, anyway to get contact with you ? You ara a Nice person
I’m preparing a 5 USD donation to cashfusion. Anybody care to match 2500000 sats for the coffers?
if Georg or Unusual Tether are even slightly able to help me in all this, i think i will owe my life to them. I would be forever grateful cause this is the hardest time of my life mentally, physically & emotionally.
sent · 200,000 sats 13d
The Zemus handle will be deleted now, please don’t send any sats here as I don’t have the keys to recover.

Memo has been subject to hostile takeover this evening and I refuse aid communism
i wouldn't wish this feeling on my worst enemy.
i can only hope & pray or the best to come. not only for me but for all those suffering something during these times.
sent · 220,000 sats 13d
Give these out if people ask, or not.
sent · 2,000,000 sats 13d
Remember cashfusion
let go & let God.
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Unusual Uther
yes, plz. check my profile for a little summary of my situation.
Unusual Uther
How is everyone doing?
It's Monday the 23rd, March 2020 3:06 PM
Anyone need any help or something?
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God bless.