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Pornography causes stockholm syndrome in women.
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i have 200 sour
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Something is wrong with balances

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you wake up and spice is $1 🎊🎊🎊 #Spice
Another new month, Happy November everyone, I still love you even if you think I hate you.
thank you, God bless & always remember BCH is the better Bitcoin of them all.
normally I'm on top of things especially medical but with the pandemic, these past few months have been extremely difficult financially. medication is $163. anything is needed & appreciated. I'll pay it forward.
hello, memo. today I asked for any & every small or large donation possible in helping me to afford my medication needed for my ulcerative colitis. I'm having chronic flare-ups & cannot afford my medication right now.
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Because of super typhoon many tree are destroy 😢Please sir help me sir 😢🙏🙏
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Yesterday, there were
21296 txs on BCH chain, 278002 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=7.7%
1112751-1110937=1814 memo txs, 📉31.7% (compared w/ prev 2654), account for 8.5% of all BCH tx
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Join the 42 cult, I think it is pretty cool and it will not disrupt your other beliefs.
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Version 4.19 will blow your socks off. It's super fast. I've been doing a lot of optimizing both on the client and on the server.

Try it now.
Proof of funds for the Sphere flipstarter finishing line lottery (1 BCH)

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Cell Phone Replacement
Healthy snack foods (ex. fruits)
COVID-19 Prescription Antibiotic
75,000,000 SATS needed. I'll never make it :(
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Keep safe always your baby is cute
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Stay safe
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good morning. day6 of being hospitalized with covid-19 & struggling to afford cell phone replacement & uncovered medical needs (medicaid copays 13%). if u can help, any tips are appreciated. also have tokens 4 sale.