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I've released a couple Electron Cash plugins, VanityTXID & AutoCove, over at github.com/TinosNitso
I'm on Twitter (@NITSOPOULOS_K) & r/btc (u/TinosNitso).

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He was either verifiably insane, or a conman. Probably insane like Feynman, but maybe not. 🤔
I have a degree in Science (Math & Physics), from when I was young & dumb. It's a scam.
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Einstein was a conman imo.
My fav option is to put BTC's value inside BCHN using price oracles (e.g. 10x Hedge of 10% at <20% p.a.).
We'd need OP_BLOCKHEIGHT to succeed! 🙁
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S. 6 (Incentive): "... there is no central authority to issue them."
CashTokens have central authorities to issue them, but without standard 1.7% p.a. inflation as nodes' incentive.
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I lost like 34kg a few years ago. Went full hunger strike, except for a weekly visit to Domino's. But put on 10kg after getting a job & realizing I had to lift heavy buckets, etc. Don't lose too much!
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Whitepaper needs amendments. Imo Bitcoin hasn't had a valid whitepaper since 2012. 🙁
Tokens turn BCH into a Registry of Securities, like the SEC.
No 1.7% p.a. tax paid to miners?
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I've been banned from @bchchannel, @bchpricechannel, @electroncashwallet, etc on Telegram. I'm afraid to even point out they need to amend (or edit) the Bitcoin whitepaper.
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If YouTube ever starts de-monetizing butcher gore-porn, there could be potential for more BCH adoption. OnlyFans for butchers. 😉
The Bearded Butchers:
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At least Visa/MC don't completely lie about usage statistics.
If Satoshi should spam his own blockchain to fake adoption for NGU, & we're all Satoshi, well well. 🤔
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enables oracles to publish the prices of BTC & gold every 10 mins, so Hedges can Exit Contracts whenever they want.
BCH devs are lying & censoring, for scam-tokens. 💔
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More Memo adoption may help convince investors that crypto (& Twitter) is full of spam. All our TPS combined is only 0.2, but BTC gets 2.7 & Ethereum 13 TPS (impossible?). 🤔