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Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money.

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So, what's the general attitude around here with regards to BCHABC?
Detoken sounds like a very promising project for BCH. I can't wait to hear more about it, and try it out!
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Looks like Cryptophyl is shutting down.

Too bad, I thought that exchange was really cool.

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Yea, it's unfortunate. I love the idea so much, especially since the idea of paying dividends through tokens became a reality.
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It's still remains if tokens will amount to anything. The main idea is that companies would tokenize their stock. But that isn't happening. Tokens don't seem like a big hit right now.
I'm disappointed to see such low volume on Cryptophyl lately, and a lack of communication and promotion from the company.

I love this exchange. The tech works so well.

Anyone have any insight on this?
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That was me.
Thank you to whoever had that 200+ BCH buy order on Cryptophyl @ $360 last night. I was able to sell all of my bch to you immediately and rebuy in at 325. Easiest money I've ever made!
Got half a BCH at the price of $361 trading on Cryptophyl tonight while the price is $420. Pretty solid discount!

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Looks awesome!
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Still pretty cool! Only a matter of time before we get one on SLP, I suspect.
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What site is that screenshot taken from?
We haven't been this close to flipping XRP in a long time. 🤞

I think Cryptophyl's DROP token is getting ready to pop again soon. Buying pressure building back up, sell orders below 100k sats are evaporating. I've been accumulating a small stack of these. Anyone else?
I'm back.

There's something about writing on the chain that you don't get from tweeting or anywhere else.

I think people will wake up to Memo. To what it represents. It's like talking to God.
Another month of some modest trading on, another small pile of free Drop tokens adds to my stash.

How much Drop token did you get this month?

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Thank you for developing and keeping Memo amazing for us all!
I'm about to buy Escape from Tarkov (PC Game) using bitpay and Bitcoin Cash. I can't resist now that I've found out they accept BCH. The game looks so awesome.
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Why no Jacob Hornberger?
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