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Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken by money.


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How do we do that? Just as an agreement before a round or something? I don't think supports tokens.
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Yea, sounds good to me. I'll probably be around the house all day on Sunday.
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im on eastern
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Yup, me too.
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Sounds good to me.
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Hey sorry, I missed this, haven't checked here in a couple days. I'll be down top lay sometime this weekend if you are around.
There are two heroes in this video, in addition to the man who stood in front of the tank, there is also the man in the tank who ignored orders to drive over this man. He is also a hero
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ill be able to play like all day tomo
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Memo now supports Non-Fungible Tokens!
Come play me in a round of heads up texas-holdem poker with BCH. 10k sats to buy in.
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This season of the Apprentice is 🔥🔥
Joe Rogan's podcast is invaded by a Legion of Skanks.

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Can someone ELI5 for me what the functional difference between an NFT token is from other tokens?
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I traded a little spice to get in on the airdrop.

Come play me in a heads-up game of Poker. 10k sats (like 3 cents), winner takes all.
Let's play some Heads Up Texas Hold 'em Poker. 25k sats to buy-in. We can play for higher stakes if you feel like it.