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143d · US Politics/Trump
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142d · US Politics/Trump
US envoy: Next plan is to let Israel annex West Bank – Middle East Monitor
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Unusual Uther
Have you used Cash Fusion?
How do you like it?
Does it relieve your anxiety or anything good like that?
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Damn it, I just saw my bike get stolen. 😢 It wasn't new, but it's still a shame.
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Iran: The Art of War and Sanctions
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Unusual Uther
Ethereum isn't even on the map anymore for mining profitability, you have to live in Iceland just to mine it at profit.
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143d · Memo
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If you goal is to kill a nation, it works.
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156d · mythbusting
This channel is not for general mythbusting topics, but for this:
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From a speculative perspective my biggest fear BCH isn't undervalued and the market manipulated, but the whole of crypto is almost all priced based on hype and hype alone.