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I found a graph on which drugs kill people the most.

Might be ten years old though.
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39d · Bitcoin Cash
I have started up three synced full nodes with port forwarding, to support coins through the months of the halvening.
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#Bitcoin #BCH #BSV #BTC is going to the Moon, #DASH is going to the Mars!
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
I get paid 2morrow and im dying to buy bch today
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45d · US Politics/Trump
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44d · US Politics/Trump
US envoy: Next plan is to let Israel annex West Bank – Middle East Monitor
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Unusual Uther
Have you used Cash Fusion?
How do you like it?
Does it relieve your anxiety or anything good like that?
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Damn it, I just saw my bike get stolen. 😢 It wasn't new, but it's still a shame.
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Iran: The Art of War and Sanctions
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Unusual Uther
Ethereum isn't even on the map anymore for mining profitability, you have to live in Iceland just to mine it at profit.
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45d · Memo
BCH: 705806-704697=1109 memo txs. num of txs📉6.9%, acount for 2.2% of all BCH txs(49422)
BSV: 822080-821809=271 memo txs. num of txs📈25.5%, (239691)
BTC: (337910), BCH/BTC=14.6%
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If you goal is to kill a nation, it works.
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58d · mythbusting
This channel is not for general mythbusting topics, but for this:
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Esoj Ledem
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From a speculative perspective my biggest fear BCH isn't undervalued and the market manipulated, but the whole of crypto is almost all priced based on hype and hype alone.
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Esoj Ledem
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More people are making FAKE SOUR tokens.

SOUR is fixed suppl at 42M with NO MINTING BATON.

Always verify the Token ID! 6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0
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I need Dollar Tokens, ME please.
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*MUST SEE* An amazingly transparent #DASH presentation by @Dashpay, the Dash Core Group (DCG) development team:
#bitcoin #BCH #ETH #LTC #XRP #BitcoinCash #Ethereum
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Unusual Uther
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I love everyone in equal amounts. That way it is fair.
Even if you don't think I do... I do.
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Unusual Uther
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Okay, I love you.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of the fiat system.
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134d · ⛏CCO
So when is the next airdrop?