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Blockchain: One more step into evolution of mankind, amateur photographer, music and art lover, crypto enthusiast, In love with technology.


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75d · News the end is near 23/01/2020
replied 76d
Hehe, nice, I love Chicha, its a very tasty rice milkshake with cinnamoon and condensed milk just awesome and delicious
76d · Coronavirus
be careful with this people
81d · Music
One of my favorite songs of all time, I just wanted to share it with you, guys
103d · Mythbusting
Socialism works? can anybody tell me if its myth or true?
110d · Merry Xmas
Who wants some Dollars for christmas!? Say ME and I send 10000 dollars (tokens)
replied 123d
Bitcoin Cash Activist
Nice track
123d · Help
Can somebody tell me how can I have a virtual credit card that works with Paypal? I would appreciate some help with that, thanks, folks
replied 129d
I would, thanks, Austin
replied 130d
Who is she
replied 131d
Graphic design, web design, translation, English/spanish, You tell me how can I be useful for you, thank you
131d · Memo
Dices anybody in this site has a job for me? I can accept BCH as payment
replied 148d
Well but at least is good to find people that is for real
replied 148d
What do you suggest? Starting a war? Or a new mortal disease? A PURGE?
replied 149d
Unusual Uther
Love and honesty will fix the world
150d · Tokens
Who wants to exchange tokens? What Will You give me for 1.000.000 dollars tokens?
replied 154d
Thanks for been interested dear friend, i solved my problem, they don't have a good support system, but at least they took care of my problem
155d · Code
Can anybody help me fixing a problem with my NETELLER account? That scammers wants to take my money just because i'm from south america
replied 157d
What is member?
replied 160d
Over all you're just not, another brick in the wall
replied 162d
Definitivamente, la mejor opción
163d · Venezuela
Death to the oppresive totalitariam regime of Maduro, stop believing in communist media bullshit, Maduro is a liar they are a bunch of corrupt communist dictators
replied 168d
Haha yeaaah I will broadcast live with my costume, gotta search for a nice one
replied 168d
Can you tip me tokens?