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Hey I want somen Collier, what can I do to earn some?
I believe, we are not alone, and maybe are their experiment, or maybe they are breeding for feeding their families like pigs haha good topic for a movie
Greetings to all that people who fights for Freedom in China, don't give up, homeland is from people, not from the cruel state, que viva la libertad, carajo! #freedom
Hola amigos de Memo, esta será una sección para las personas hispanohablantes de la pagina, saludos a todos desde Sur América!
Larga vida al Bitcoin Cash!
· 14d · Life
· 14d · Life
Do you know any good airdrop? BCH or any other coin?
if you want to dance
Im looking for a job or start any business with BCH, any ideas? its very easy and cheap starting a project in here, lets create something
· 37d · Life
Can anybody give tips about where to find a job online or making a few dollars a month? faucets, working, whatever I can get some cents will be alright, I appreciate your help
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So stop saying bullshit about Venezuela's socialism is the best, most of my family and friends has emigrated because is really hard to survive, someday I will leave too, yo don't know how hard is
Every venezuelan who has emigrated is trying to help their parents sending money from outside for eating, Maduro's food basket only last for 1 week, why do you think everyone's is leaving here?
I won't stop saying it, Maduro destroyed venezuelan economy, thats the reason why now Venezuelans are emigrating all over the world, everyone working for not letting their families fue from hungr
· 41d · USA
dont you think all that massive murders is some kind of conspiracy? is just crazy that somebody enters a place with a gun and start killing innocent people... is just madness
Which race do you think is most smart? Black, white, asían, hispanic? Explain your answer
· 41d · Bsv
The BSV is a big scam, there's a site called i'm not writing there but I don't know why my profile appears in that page, might be a bot or something
SUCKS to live in communism here in Venezuela, Maduro was elected by FAKE ELECTIONS with only communist candidates, no one from opposition, MADURO IS A SCAMMER
Trump announces embargo for Venezuela, looks like hard times are coming for our people, Maduro will be okay but we'll suffer
some guy called notadmin is selling fake tokens, be careful, dont buy it.
· 47d · memo
Please be careful with fake tokens, some guy called notadmin is selling fake usdh, fake spice and others don't buy anything from him, I Lost 1m Satoshi buying his fake Spice tokens
Notadmin is a scammer, please he careful, thus guy created a fake spice, a fake usdh and others, don't buy anything from him. Don't be an asshole like me u_u
is low quality food, and it only last for 1 week, if you say something against the government in the street, you get jailed, so what paradise are you talking about, bro? you dont know nothing.
So if you dont support communist you dont deserve that food that is paid with taxes? please man, people has enough money for having an unhealthy diet, and the food that they give in that basket
We dont receive a food basket where I live because we dont support government, so dont talk about what you dont know, that basket is only for the people who supports Maduro, so i