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· 7d · Tokens
Who wants to exchange tokens? What Will You give me for 1.000.000 dollars tokens?
· 13d · Code
Can anybody help me fixing a problem with my NETELLER account? That scammers wants to take my money just because i'm from south america
· 20d · Venezuela
Death to the oppresive totalitariam regime of Maduro, stop believing in communist media bullshit, Maduro is a liar they are a bunch of corrupt communist dictators
· 26d · Halloween
I love Halloween, I wish I had that celebration in my country
· 40d · Poker
Who wants to play Texas holdem?
· 40d · Poker
Who wants to play Texas holdem?
· 57d · ⛏CCO
Hey I want somen Collier, what can I do to earn some?
· 61d · Intelligent life on other planet
I believe, we are not alone, and maybe are their experiment, or maybe they are breeding for feeding their families like pigs haha good topic for a movie
· 61d · Hong Kong
Greetings to all that people who fights for Freedom in China, don't give up, homeland is from people, not from the cruel state, que viva la libertad, carajo! #freedom
· 64d · Spanish
Hola amigos de Memo, esta será una sección para las personas hispanohablantes de la pagina, saludos a todos desde Sur América!
Larga vida al Bitcoin Cash!
· 71d · Life
· 71d · Life
· 72d · Airdrop
Do you know any good airdrop? BCH or any other coin?
· 83d · Music
if you want to dance
· 91d · Bitcoin cash
Im looking for a job or start any business with BCH, any ideas? its very easy and cheap starting a project in here, lets create something
· 94d · Life
Can anybody give tips about where to find a job online or making a few dollars a month? faucets, working, whatever I can get some cents will be alright, I appreciate your help
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· 97d · Venezuela
So stop saying bullshit about Venezuela's socialism is the best, most of my family and friends has emigrated because is really hard to survive, someday I will leave too, yo don't know how hard is
· 97d · Venezuela
Every venezuelan who has emigrated is trying to help their parents sending money from outside for eating, Maduro's food basket only last for 1 week, why do you think everyone's is leaving here?
· 97d · Venezuela
I won't stop saying it, Maduro destroyed venezuelan economy, thats the reason why now Venezuelans are emigrating all over the world, everyone working for not letting their families fue from hungr
· 98d · USA
dont you think all that massive murders is some kind of conspiracy? is just crazy that somebody enters a place with a gun and start killing innocent people... is just madness
· 99d · Racism
Which race do you think is most smart? Black, white, asían, hispanic? Explain your answer
· 99d · Bsv
The BSV is a big scam, there's a site called i'm not writing there but I don't know why my profile appears in that page, might be a bot or something
· 102d · Communism
SUCKS to live in communism here in Venezuela, Maduro was elected by FAKE ELECTIONS with only communist candidates, no one from opposition, MADURO IS A SCAMMER
· 103d · Venezuela
Trump announces embargo for Venezuela, looks like hard times are coming for our people, Maduro will be okay but we'll suffer