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Blockchain: One more step into evolution of mankind, amateur photographer, music and art lover, crypto enthusiast, In love with technology.


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Bitcoin Cash Activist
When u realise uve fallen in love with a cryptocurrency. BCH
Tecnica - Crypto
209d · Venezuela
Communists from the world believes MAduro's bullshit that everyone in here is happy and everything is rainbows and unicorns, STOP communist propaganda, them are not the good guys, as they say
234d · HELP ME
Please Memo friends, help me, I will not get paid until 31 of this month, can anybody help me with at least 5$ for eating? Im desperate, I just want to cry, I will soon leave Venezuela for that rea
234d · HELP ME
I will move to Chile for working and helping my family, build a future for my son and having a better life, my salary is 30$ a month who can live well with that? no one, I will appreciate any help
240d · Donut Token ($DNT)
Time to buy $DNT
Roger Ver is live on Collin Enstad his stream.
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241d · Donut Token ($DNT)
cool 15 followers so far = 140 $DNT (1,400,000 sats based on current price) were given away!
243d · memo
The number of active users is continuously increasing. Memo is on the right track.
415d · Venezuela
replied 589d
Haha I respect the hustle so I've left you a little tip;)
589d · Making Money
where are u from Alberto?
591d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
Political correctness is politics for child men with fragile little feelings who never grew the fuck up.
633d · Marx
not sure if you're asking me or LR. market solution. like distributed money, distributed court system, police.
650d · Medicine
633d · Drawing
Venezuela's comic made by me (repost)