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Do you know any good airdrop? BCH or any other coin?
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if you want to dance
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Why are the idiots who believe that climate change is caused by humans always so angry?
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I am developing a personal project that could soon become a startup (BCH based). If you are a designer I could be interested in some things, I could pay you in BCH. Are you interested?
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Yes, im interesed, where can we talk more privately? do you use protonmail?
Im looking for a job or start any business with BCH, any ideas? its very easy and cheap starting a project in here, lets create something
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Would you give me a job? I can translate from english to spanish, I can make designs using photoshop, I can design a website, edit video, BCH payments allowed!
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Can anybody give tips about where to find a job online or making a few dollars a month? faucets, working, whatever I can get some cents will be alright, I appreciate your help
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Hey, thank you for the BAB, I really appreciate it
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